Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS)

TRACS is a HUD computer system developed to help improve financial controls over assisted housing programs by automating manual procedures and incorporating automated controls.

TRACS COVID-19 Notification

TRACS Notification of System Release/Upgrade (05/31/2019)

NAHMA HUD Update: HUD update regarding Retro-Active Gross Rent Changes not processing in TRACS at this time

Industry User Guide for TRACS Internet Applications

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TRACS Industry Working Group Meeting Presentation Materials

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June 11, 2014
 • The 202(d) TRACS implementation schedule (PDF)

January 14, 2014
 • New Race and Ethnic Data Collection Per Executive order 13515 (PDF)
 • iSERS Presentation (PowerPoint)
 • iSERS Industry Specifications (PDF)
 • Jed Graef 202D HUD 50059 (PDF)
 • Jed Graef 202D RAD Phase-In Example (PDF)
 • Jed Graef 202D Spec Update (PowerPoint)
 • TRACS 202D TRACS Meeting Presentation (PDF)
 • TRACS LIHTC Data Collection (PowerPoint)
 • MDM White Paper 1-SSN Minunuzation and Unique ID (PDF)
 • SSN Minimization TRACS (PowerPoint)
 • 811 PRA Demo Presentation (PowerPoint)
 • Executive Order Roadmap for Increasing Participation for Asian Americans & Pacific

October 25, 2011
 • iSERS Presentation (PDF)
 • Voucher Sub-Group 202D Handout (PDF)
 • Voucher Sub-Group 202D Slide Show (PDF)
 • 2011 TRACS Industry Briefing (PDF)
 • TRACS 202D Certifications Slide Show (PDF)
 • TRACS 202D Proposed Timeline (PDF)