Session Descriptions & Speaker Bios

SAHMA Affordable Housing Conference: Tennessee Session Descriptions:
Key: M: Maintenance  SC/E: Service Coordinator/Elderly  HUD: HUD Programs  O/A: Owner/Agent TC: Tax Credit G: General

Communication Tips and Responding to the Behaviors of Alzheimer’s (SC/E)

When a person has dementia, they cannot change so we must change our approach. This session will provide attendees with communication tips for interacting with a person with dementia. We will also learn ways to respond to common behaviors seen in dementia such as delusions, hallucinations, paranoia and short-term memory loss. These tips will improve your interaction skills and lesson frustration for the person with dementia.

Drug Trends / Best Practices for Property Managers to Combat Issues (G)

Session Description Coming Soon!

EIV Part 1 (HUD)

Understanding EIV policies and procedures is a must. Join Professional Compliance Solutions for a look into all requires reports, record retention, and follow-up. Knowing the details will assist you when the MOR occurs. 

EIV Part 2 (HUD)

Enterprise Income Verification does not have to be a struggle, Learn from the best as Professional Compliance Solutions and Joseph Henry explains the details involving report dates and deadlines of EIV reporting. This is a "must attend" session for everyone working with the EIV program. Who knows,  you might even get a flow chart to keep track of your reports and timing?

Intro to Managing Blended Programs (G) (TC) (HUD)

HUD and RD are encouraging, and Owners are increasingly turning to the use of multiple funding programs to acquire and recapitalize affordable housing properties. This course provides an overview of the potential conflicts and challenges of managing such combinations. The course highlights key areas of difference among the compliance rules and processes managers encounter when owners mingle project-based Section 8, older HUD programs, Rural Development, HOME, Housing Choice Vouchers, Low Income Housing Credit, Tax-Exempt Bonds, and the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program.

Introduction to CGI - THDA's PBCA Processing Partner (HUD)

In December of 2021, Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) entered into a contract with CGI Federal to provide PBCA services for the state of Tennessee. Processing responsibilities include: Vouchering & Special Claims, Rent Adjustments & Contract Renewals, Tenant Contact Center, and Management and Occupancy Review. We welcome you to come meet leaders from CGI Federal to understand our role as THDA’s new processing partner. This session will include:

  • an overview of CGI Federal’s affordable housing & PBCA experience
  • a review of the core tasks serviced under PBCA and CGI’s role in processing
  • an update on the transition
  • updates related to PBCA program
  • frequent issues and solutions
  • ongoing impact of COVID 19
  • an open question & answer session on all things PBCA

Is it Normal Aging or Dementia? (SC/E)

Dementia is not a normal part of aging but our memory does change as we age. In this session, you will learn how to tell the difference between  normal brain changes due to aging and symptoms of dementia. We will also discuss next steps when you do suspect dementia.

Leadership 101 (G)

Leadership is a critical part of property operation and service coordination. It is nothing more than getting people (employees, residents, vendors, etc.) to do the things we need them to do.  During this session, we will explore and identify the types of leadership, the underlying characteristics and traits of successful leaders and individual approaches to strengthen leadership skills. Understanding and studying leadership is the primary method to improve individual leadership skills. Leadership skills are the most important skill set anyone can have. 

Maintenance Q & A Panel (G) (M)

A diverse panel will be on hand to answer maintenance questions, discuss best practices and assist with potential resources. This session is for maintenance and management alike. 

Managing Animals on the Property (G)

It is a Zoo out there: Pet Spiders, Service Horses, Emotional Support Snakes, and Therapy Pigs! What is a Property Manager to do? What rules apply? In this presentation, we will discuss the difference between pets, service animals and emotional support animals. We will review policies that a landlord may apply to pets and which he/she may apply to support animals and what documentation a landlord is entitled to. We will discuss:

  • Knowing the Difference
  • HUD’s 2020 Guidance
  • On-Line Health Care Letters
  • Aggressive Animals
  • Damages and Deposits
  • Policies and Restrictions
  • Plus, Much, Much, More

Managing Water Damage (M)
Session Description Coming Soon!

Preparing for MOR/REAC for Maintenance (M)
Preparing for an MOR or REAC inspection can be a challenge. Let Joseph Henry with Professional Compliance Solutions make it easier by understanding what to look for and how to be prepared BEFORE you get the call. 

REAC / NSPIRE Update (G)
Session Description Coming Soon!

Resolving Conflict (SC/E)
Conflicts surround us both personally and professionally. If we can utilize methods to bring about peaceful resolution, we can create a positive energy that will serve to strengthen our relationships and make us more successful. This presentation is designed to help the participant understand emotional triggers that can lead to conflict, communication skills that can help with the process and other techniques for reaching resolution. The course will also address how to facilitate conflict/resolution with others. 

Statewide Legislative & Eviction COVID Updates (G)
Updates regarding recent and upcoming Tennessee legislative changes and COVID and rental assistance status check.

Self-Auditing Tax Credit Files (TC)
What is a “self-audit” and when should management do one? And how does the manager correct non-compliance if they find it? The instructor will highlight the issues monitoring agencies zero in on – incomplete applications, delinquent recertifications, insufficient documentation, income calculation errors, contradictions within a verification, underestimating anticipated income, late verifications and missing or late signatures. Participants will have a chance to try out their auditing skills. 

Tax Credit: Ask THDA… (TC)
Session Description Coming Soon!

Tax Credit: Income, Assets and Calculations (TC)
Because we don’t do “interims” on a tax credit tenant, anticipating annual income (especially on move-in) is critical. This means we need consistency and accuracy in calculating the income that is disclosed and must not be tempted to over-calculate income “just to be safe”. This session will cover best practices for calculations -including “New Age” assets and “Gig” income, what the IRS and your state monitoring agent require, and how to defend your calculations in a file audit.  

Walking Into Trouble:  Fair Housing for Maintenance (M)
Maintenance employees are on the front-line of the battle of avoiding fair housing complaints. They often see and interact with the residents more than anyone else in the Company. It is important maintenance employees know what to say and do before they walk into a problem. In this presentation, we will discuss common issues maintenance employees encounter and some realistic steps they can take to avoid getting in trouble with HUD. Our topics will include:

  • Encountering Nude & Partially Nude Residents
  • Dating Residents
  • Apartments with Only Minor Children
  • Recognizing a Hoarder
  • Managing Maintenance Requests

Speaker Bios:

speaker photo: angelita fisherAngelita Fisher
Attorney, Law Office of Angelita E. Fisher
Angelita Fisher is a graduate of the University of North Alabama in Florence, Alabama and Mississippi College School of Law in Jackson, Mississippi. After law school, she clerked for the Honorable U.S. District Judge Glen H. Davidson in the Northern District of Mississippi. Following her clerkship, Angelita was asked to join King & Ballow, a national known Nashville Labor and Employment law firm where she worked 14 years – seven of which as a partner. In May, 2016, Angelita left King & Ballow to open her own firm. Her practice focuses on defending companies in employment and fair housing issues. Angelita represents companies in front of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as federal and state courts and human rights agencies. She is a frequent speaker on all topics relating to employment and fair housing laws. She also regularly conducts webinars and in-house training. Ms. Fisher is licensed to practice law in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.

speaker photo: cheryl blanchardCheryl Blanchard
Regional Director, Alzheimer’s Tennessee
Cheryl Blanchard is a licensed social worker, Certified Dementia Care Specialist and a Certified Case Manager. She has worked with seniors throughout Tennessee for several years in a variety of roles and has focused most of her training on caring for those with Alzheimer’s Disease, and their families. Cheryl has been speaking about Alzheimer’s Disease for over 10 years and recently joined Alzheimer’s Tennessee as the regional director for the middle Tennessee area.

speaker photo: dave robbinsDave Robbins
Senior Vice President, BluSky Restoration

speaker photo: gwen volkGwen Volk
President, Gwen Volk INFOCUS, Inc.
Since 1983, Gwen Volk has been helping owners, agents and their teams navigate the programs that provide housing for low and moderate-income families. She served as president and CEO of a Midwest management company, chief compliance officer over a national portfolio for a Dallas-based firm, and has trained, mentored and advised affordable housing professionals from coast to coast. Since 2009 she has served on the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM’s) Federal Housing Advisory Board. Gwen has chaired NAHMA’s Certification Review Board and the Fair Housing and Education and Training committees. She was a member of the SHCM exam-writing work group for 16 years and has chaired the Specialist in Housing Credit Management Advisory committee. She has twice served on NAHMA’s board of directors and on the NAHMA Education Foundation board. Gwen holds a BA in English, an MS in Business and is a CPM, NAHP-e, SHCM, HCCP, CPO, FHC and RAM. She is a NAHMA-certified trainer for the Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO), Fair Housing Compliance (FHC) and Blended Compliance Designation (BCD) courses and a frequent presenter of CEU webinars for SHCM designees. A lifetime learner and teacher, Gwen’s classroom and virtual trainings are interactive, informative and in demand.

Gwendolyn Coffey

speaker photo: John emeryJohn Emery
NSPIRE Trainer, US Inspection Group, Inc.
John Emery started as a REAC inspector in the 90’s as part of the original REAC pilot program. Within two years, he became a HUD Certified Trainer, conducting REAC training classes across the nation certifying some of the nation’s first REAC inspectors. In 2000, he left that work and helped form US Inspection Group to leverage his UPCS knowledge to assist public housing in understanding the UPCS and the scoring methodology. And has now dedicated the past two decades helping thousands increase their REAC scores. John has done so by conducting hundreds of training classes, writing multiple publications including USIG’s renown UPCS and NPSIRE Guidebooks and running

speaker photo: joseph henryJoseph Henry
Owner/Trainer, Professional Compliance Solutions, LLC
Professional Compliance Solutions, LLC is owned by Joseph Henry. Joseph is a Certified Property Manager (CPM) and Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP). He began his career in the Affordable Housing industry in 1986. Since this time, he has brought about significant insight into training and how to help people understand and learn about regulations that will assist the Housing Professionals in all aspects of the job. Beginning his career as a maintenance person, Joe has a real world perspective on what we do, and why we do it! Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning your career in Affordable Housing, Joseph Henry will deliver the best training possible.

speaker photo: lynn doyleLynn Doyle
Director of Business Development Unity Psychiatric Care, American Health Partners
Lynn Doyle holds a Master of Science in Counseling. Most of her career has focused on mental health including Counseling, Management, and Business Development. She currently serves as the Director of Business Development for Unity Psychiatric Care. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Professional Network on Aging as Legislative Chair. She has served as a past state president for Creative Aging of the Midsouth, Alzheimer's and Dementia Services of Memphis, Business and Professional Women of Tennessee, Sales Club of Memphis, the Ruth Mackey Cancer Foundation and the Professional Network on Aging. Ms. Doyle hosts a WYPL cable talk show "Health Awareness." She was the recipient of the Bob Bernstein Senior Advocacy Award in 2019.

speaker photo: mark pascoeMark Pascoe
Tennessee State Contract Manager, CGI Federal
Mark Pascoe serves as the State Manager for the CGI Federal PBCA contract with the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) to provide management of all day-to-day activities related to performance of the ACC for the Tennessee PBCA. Mr. Pascoe has spent the last 14 years working for CGI on the PBCA initiative. During this time, he has served in a variety of roles of increasing responsibility including: Central Contract Specialist, Regional Manager, Training Manager, Area Manager, and, since 2018, State Manager. In these varied roles he has mastered all aspects of the day-to-day processing of each core task and gained an understanding of each core task on a technical, compliance, contractual and practical level. In his role as Tennessee State Contract Manager, he oversees a team of CGI Federal staff responsible for the day-to-day processing of core tasks for 374 contracts.

speaker photo: nathan lybargerNathan Lybarger
Attorney, Hall & Associates
Nathan Lybarger has been with Hall & Associates since 2004. The firm’s practice since its founding has been based in eviction and debt collection in the landlord/tenant industry in Middle Tennessee. Hall & Associates maintains involvement in many trade organizations throughout the area, with a strong focus in the legislative process and education of membership.

speaker photo: ron budynasRon Budynas
Vice President/COO, Wesley Living
Ron Budynas is the Vice President/COO for Wesley Housing Corporation of Memphis, Inc. (Wesley Living). Wesley Living has 31 elderly housing facilities housing more than 2,200 elderly families in conventional, HUD and Housing Authority units in Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas. Thirty of these facilities have Service Coordinators, including the HUD, assisted living and housing authority facilities. In addition to oversight, marketing and compliance responsibilities for these facilities, he develops and administers grants from various federal and local organizations. Ron graduated from the University of Memphis with a BS in Education and after building airports for 20 years in the United States Marine Corps, he has generated more than 20 years of real estate management experience.

speaker photo: tony gorrisTony Gorris
Director of PBCA Operations, CGI Federal
Tony Gorris serves as the Director of PBCA Operations working directly with the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) to provide oversight and is responsible for overall performance of the ACC for the Tennessee PBCA. Mr. Gorris has spent the last 21 years working for CGI Federal almost exclusively on the PBCA initiative. He brings with him a wealth of experience in overall PBCA management as well as the specific transition management. Currently he serves as the CGI Director of PBCA Operations and is responsible for managing client relationships of all seven of CGI’s PBCA contracts. His teams are responsible for delivery of all core tasks related to PBCA processing in the jurisdictions served. This includes: Vouchering & Special Claims, Rent Adjustments & Contract Renewals, Tenant Contact Center, and Management and Occupancy Review).

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