Session Descriptions & Speaker Bios

SAHMA Virtual Southeast Affordable Housing Conference Session Descriptions:

Disaster Preparation in a Covid-19 World
“Of the ten costliest natural disasters in 2020, across the globe, six occurred within the US. The hurricane season in the North Atlantic was hyperactive, with a record-setting 30 storms, 13 of which reached hurricane status. Overall losses from the hurricane season in North America is $43 Billion, of which $17 Billion was not insured”.  Your agency may have been one that suffered from losses in the last 2-3 years. Attend this session and learn “How; What; When; and Where” regarding Disaster Preparation is critical. Who are your partners? Who has resources to help you address issues related to mitigation and resiliency? Who can help provide you the necessary site evaluations? Most importantly – Who do you turn to if a disaster event does happen?

EIV Income Discrepancies
Does it feel like EIV Income Discrepancies are driving you crazy?  Do you spend way too much time trying to figure out what the situation is and still feel like you are spinning your wheels?  Join Sonja Horn from DASH Compliance for this hands-on session on how to thoroughly review your discrepancy reports and gain knowledge in how to identify what information you need to verify and how to go about doing it.  We will review actual discrepancy reports and go step by step in reviewing the report and what documentation will be required to adequately resolve and document discrepancies.

Evictions Panel
Join us to discuss eviction rules and how to modify your processes to address the CDC Moratorium on evictions. This includes discussion about evictions for non-payment of rent and evictions for material/minor lease violations.

Fair Housing

Are you treating your residents and applicants fairly? Are you making consistent decisions? What can happen if you don’t?  What are the most common Fair Housing issues?

Keynote: FOCUS - Mastering Your Personal Energy
Toni shares her inspirational triumph at her second triathlon and how she learned the three principles of FOCUS. She teaches these powerful lessons on focus to master your personal energy. Today, you have to have a clear vision, know where you are going and be great at sharing that vision to earn team commitment and engagement. Toni shows you how to find and communicate your vision to maintain momentum and commitment from your team and residents. Mastering your personal energy helps you to stay focused and accomplish your goals. Toni shows how to avoid having your plans derailed, the destructive nature of excuses, and how to deal with distractions. You’ll learn the importance of the “WHY” questions and great tips on staying on track with consistent focus and updates on your goals. She finishes her powerful story of how this powerful life lesson helped her cross the finish line and become a two-time triathlete!

Grassroots Toolkit
Effective grassroots advocacy is a critical part of the policy-making process at all levels of government. The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the importance of ongoing connection between constituents and members of Congress. The Grassroots Toolkit session, presented by NAHMA, will provide tips on how management staff and residents can participate in grassroots advocacy with a focus on virtual advocacy strategies for engaging Members of Congress on the importance of affordable housing in their districts.

LIHTC: Managing the Certification Process
Are you doing too much? Not enough? Tired of file write ups? 
  • Learn ways to breeze through the application and recertification process. 
  • Detailed tips and tricks for a more efficient process resulting in faster move ins and timely recerts 
  • And much, much more

LIHTC Qualifying Households
Join Professional Compliance Solutions and Joseph Henry in this LIHTC Qualifying Households training. Understanding LIHTC compliance and how to make sure all of your residents are qualified for the Tax Credit program is of great importance. Joe will break the key issues down in a way that is enjoyable and easily understood. 

Management & Occupancy Reviews (MOR)
Join this session to learn how to prepare for the new “electronic” MOR.  We’ll explain the rules and how to set your files up for the best review results.

NSPIRE Update: The New REAC Protocol
When UPCS was adopted as the basis of the REAC inspection in 1998, few people understood how flawed it was.  It had little if any value as an advisory or curative exercise.  It often failed to bring improvement to bad properties.  After 22 years, REAC is finally working on a new inspection protocol that will replace the UPCS.  This is your chance to review HUD’s plans and share your comments before the new NSPIRE protocol replaces UPCS sometime in the next 1 to 3 years.  In this session we will explore the similarities and differences between the UPCS we have come to know and the NSPIRE as it is being proposed.  We’ll look at the proposed rules and discuss how to forward your comments to HUD.

RAD for PRAC – Understand the Basics for your PRAC
In September 2019 HUD issued Notice H 2019-09, which allows PRAC owners to convert their subsidy to Section 8 through the “Rental Assistance Demonstration” Program. This session will explain the RAD program and how it can help PRAC owners, and what the advantages are for PRAC owners to convert.
  •  The first part of the session will explain the problem with the current funding for PRACs, and what barriers hinder their recapitalization efforts.  We will show real life examples of PRACs and their capital needs issues, and their inability to meet those needs.  It will be critical to try to increase rents before conversion, and we will walk through the steps to get there.
  • Then we will explain the RAD program and how it can help PRAC owners, and what the advantages are for PRAC owners to convert through RAD.  This section of the session will walk through the RAD tools and how they can be used by owners.
  • Real case studies will be used, showing how the RAD program will change their ability to leverage funding, and how that funding can address capital needs. We will walk through the funding options.

The Future of Customer Service
Toni reminds us we don’t have to make physical contact to touch people’s hearts. Toni shares her 2021 Trend Report with global research on social, economic conditions that impact how we provide customer service today and into the future. Learn how “Love Finds A Way.” Toni teaches the importance of culture and character on 2021 policy and protocol decisions. She will walk you through how to develop a Customer Expectation Map and revive your resident relations with new, trend-based brand loyalty programs. Learn creative ways to express your humanity as your most significant amenity with honest, human interactions based on core values.

Time Management in a Pandemic

Time management in a pandemic has shifted the way we manage our personal and professional lives. Toni Blake shares practical tips for managing your time, staging a productive environment, maintaining relationship equity, and dealing with constant change. No more business as usual. Every day, we need to stay current and prepared for new challenges to manage our tasks and time. Toni will share creativity and problem-solving exercises to develop the skills required to manage your time during a pandemic. Being able to accommodate these changes will ensure your team can maintain practical time management skills.

Washington Update
NAHMA will share their perspectives on what to expect in 2021 from the Biden Administration and Congress, including the potential impacts of their legislative and regulatory policy proposals. 

Speaker Bios:

Angelita Fisher
Attorney, Law Office of Angelita E. Fisher
Angelita Fisher is a graduate of the University of North Alabama in Florence, Alabama and Mississippi College School of Law in Jackson, Mississippi.  After law school, she clerked for the Honorable U.S. District Judge Glen H. Davidson in the Northern District of Mississippi. Following her clerkship, she was asked to join King & Ballow, a Nashville Labor and Employment law firm where she worked 14 years – seven of which as a partner. In May, 2016, Ms. Fisher left King & Ballow to open her own firm. Her practice focuses on defending companies in employment and fair housing issues. Ms. Fisher represents companies in front of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as well as federal and state courts and human rights agencies. She is a frequent speaker on all topics relating to employment and fair housing laws. She also regularly conducts webinars and in-house training. Ms. Fisher is licensed to practice law in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. 

Anita Moseman
President, The Monfric Realty, Inc.
Anita Moseman is President  of The Monfric Group, a property management, development and consulting firm based in Grand Junction, Colorado. She has been in the affordable housing industry for over 38 years. These 38 years of hands-on experience in the industry helps her relate to her students and their issues. Ms. Moseman holds numerous certifications including the following:  NAHPe , SHCM, CPO, FHC and RAM. She is a national trainer and has trained NAHMA’ s CPO (Certified Professional of Occupancy) course and FHC (Fair Housing Compliance) course. She has trained the RAM certification course, marketing, occupancy courses, tax credit courses and organizational courses for Multi Housing World, various AHMAs, the National Association of Homebuilders, Federal and State Agencies, and other associations and management companies. In addition, she has trained different government organizations including HUD and Contract Administors. Ms. Moseman has served on the Board of Governors of RAM, as a board member of RockyAHMA and as a technical advisor for SHCM and HCCP.  She has been recognized by various AHMA’s for her excellence in training and has been awarded the Clive Graham Memorial Award in recognition of Outstanding Service to the Affordable Housing Management Industry.

Ed Ellis
President, Disaster Housing Consultants (DHC)
Ed Ellis serves as the President of the 501(c)(3) non-profit agency – Disaster Housing Consultants (DHC). The Mission of the agency is – “Provide communities and citizens support for disaster preparation; response; and recovery with positive results”. Mr. Ellis has managed and coordinated approximately 75 Presidential Declared Disasters across the U.S. during the last 17 years. Prior to retiring from HUD, Mr. Ellis served as one of two Disaster Coordinators at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In this role, he coordinated all disaster related activities including preparation, response, and recovery for five Regions at HUD. He also coordinated with State, Federal, and other partners to accomplish HUD’s work related to disaster activities. Mr. Ellis served as the Field Office Director in the HUD Knoxville, TN Field Office from 2011 - 2017. As the Director, he was responsible for oversight of various HUD programs in the Knoxville jurisdiction and he represented HUD Region IV, E. TN as the point-of-contact for all elected officials. Prior to the Knoxville Director position, he served as a HUD Field Office Director in Greensboro, NC; and worked at the HUD Regional Office in Fort Worth, TX as one of the Field Policy and Management staff members. In addition to 17 years of Disaster related work, Mr. Ellis has worked at one of the major banks in TX; worked for the city of Fort Worth; and, served as the Executive Director of one of the largest Community Development Agencies in Tarrant CO. He is a graduate from the University of North Carolina – Wilmington, and received his Master’s Degree from the University of Texas – Arlington in 1985. Mr. Ellis has served in leadership roles in many community areas, including:  Texas Junior College Teachers Association; Board of Directors of the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition; Saint Mary’s Catholic Church; and the Rotary Club of America.  

Gates Dunaway
Founder & Managing Principal, The Gates Dunaway Group
Ms. Gates Dunaway is the Founder and Managing Principal of The Gates Dunaway Group. With over 24 years of experience in the industry, she is an authority on preservation issues, with a deep passion for this work. Fifteen years with regional and local non-profit affordable housing developers allowed her to develop expertise in these types of preservation transactions. She also spent two years at the helm of the Blaine County (Idaho) Housing Authority, working on public policy incentives for workforce housing, and restarting the valley’s focus on attracting quality LIHTC developments. Ms. Dunaway has been an active educator on the topic of affordable housing development and preservation. She is a HUD “Subject Matter Expert” on housing preservation, and she was a co-facilitator for HUD’s Partners in Housing: Multifamily Preservation trainings and for HUD’s Preservation Clinics. In 2019 she launched a new training for PRAC owners that is being taught across the country through 2020. She is a frequent speaker at a variety of trade associations and conferences, focusing her presentations on helping owners understand their options.

Joseph Henry
Owner/Trainer, Professional Compliance Solutions LLC

Beginning his career in 1986, Joseph Henry started in maintenance and worked his way to Director of one of the largest Property Management companies in the Nation. As changes occurred and companies sold, Mr. Henry developed a "desire to inspire" by sharing over 30 years of experience, both good and bad with Owners, Developers, Companies, and Organizations. Along with his degree in Psychology, he brings a real life perspective to why we do...what we do! There is a difference in training and Professional Compliance Solutions believes you have to live it, to really love it. As with all of Mr. Henry's courses, he ensures that you will not soon forget the PCS DIFFERENCE in training.

Larry Keys, Jr.
Director of Government Affairs, NAHMA 
Mr. Larry Keys, Jr., joined NAHMA as director of government affairs in 2015, from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), where he worked as a Policy Analyst in the Office of Policy, Programs, and Legislative Initiatives for Public and Indian Housing since 2009. Prior to working at HUD headquarters, Mr. Keys was a Project Manager in the Office of Multifamily Housing in Jackson, Miss., from 2006 to 2009. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science and a Master of Public Policy and Administration. In 2019, Mr. Keys received a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Leslie Tucker
Partner, The Law Firm of Williams Edelstein Tucker, P.C.

Leslie Tucker is a partner with the Law Firm of Williams Edelstein Tucker, P.C., defending housing providers nationwide in fair housing matters. She also provides clients with consultation and live training on fair housing, federal program, and landlord-tenant issues. Ms. Tucker also specializes in physical accessibility in multifamily housing, including local building codes as well as ADA and FHA requirements, and travels around the country performing inspections on new and existing properties.

Mary Ross
President, Ross Business Development, Inc. 

Mary Ross CPO, FHC & MORS is the President of Ross Business Development. Ms. Ross is a nationally recognized expert in HUD property management training and consulting services. For over 32 years, Ms. Ross has assisted property management professionals throughout the industry work successfully to meet changing industry requirements. Compliance training, compliance policy development and EIV and TRACS Consulting are her primary focus. She is a CPO and FHC certified trainer and designs and delivers EIV, TRACS, HUD Occupancy and Fair Housing training classes across the country.

Michael Gantt
Senior Vice President, The Inspection Group
Michael Gantt has been involved in the REAC inspection full time since 1998, first as a REAC inspector and trainer, and then as a nationally known REAC consultant. Mr. Gantt has been working on the management side, helping clients better understand the REAC inspection since 2003, and has created training programs, books, web pages, and videos on the topic as well as speaking at industry conferences.

Michal Machnowski
Manager of Government Affairs, NAHMA
Mr. Michal Machnowski joined NAHMA as manager of government affairs in March 2020. Previously, he worked as a program specialist and senior legislative analyst at The Salvation Army National Headquarters, where he represented the organization on public policy initiatives related to food and emergency feeding operations, emergency shelters, and healthcare, and assisted in coordinating the recovery efforts at FEMA’s National Recovery Coordination Center for The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Service, among other duties. Prior to joining The Salvation Army, Mr. Machnowski was a legislative correspondent for a U.S. Senator, a program officer for an international think-tank, and a research assistant for a national trade association. Mr. Machnowski has a B.A. in political science and international relations from the University of Iowa, and a Master of Public Policy from George Mason University, in Va.

Norman Praet
Managing Partner, Brownlee Whitlow & Praet, PLLC
Norm Praet, as Managing Partner of a multistate property solutions law firm, Brownlee Whitlow & Praet, oversees the real estate transactional and multifamily counseling section of the firm. He has spent the majority of his twenty-year legal career representing real estate investors, property owners, and property managers. Mr. Praet is very active in the real estate investment community and sits on the Legislative and Affordable Housing Committees for the National Apartment Association, and as General Counsel to the Apartment Association of North Carolina, as well as many other state and local committees and task forces. 

Retha Patton
Chief Consultant, Disaster Housing Consultants
Retha Patton has accumulated over 25 years of community development experience, gaining broad knowledge through experience as a construction project manager, grants program administrator, board member, housing programs director, and most recently as Executive Director of a non-profit affordable housing development organization  NeighborWorks America Chartered Member and also a member of the FAHE member network.  She has attained HUD HOME Program Specialist Certification in all three categories of Regulations, Administration, and Rental Housing Compliance, and provides HOME program technical assistance to nonprofits throughout the state and nation. In addition to HOME funding, Ms. Patton has worked with  HUD CDBG and SHOP, USDA-Rural Development 502, 504, 523, 532 and 533 programs, FHLB of Cincinnati and Atlanta – AHP, federal and state disaster relief funding, and US Dept of Labor’s YouthBuild program, writing grants and administrating over 50 funded projects totaling over $21 million. She holds certifications in housing counseling, homebuyer education trainer, affordable housing development, manufactured housing retailer/installer, Risk Assessor/LBP Inspector, and mortgage loan originator. Ms. Patton served as Chair of the Tennessee Statewide Affordable Housing Coalition, Chair of the Tennessee Caucus for the Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises (FAHE), and as a board member of the National Rural Housing Coalition.  She has completed over 400 hours of community development and affordable housing courses and frequently shares expertise as speaker for webinars, workshops, panels, and presentations at the state, regional, and national levels. Ms. Patton completed the 2014-16 “Achieving Excellence” Executive Education Leadership Program facilitated by NeighborWorks America and Harvard University – Kennedy School of Government. She was a national recipient of the Skip Jason Community Service Award in 2014. Ms. Patton holds a B.S. in Home Economics from East Tennessee State University.

Sonja Horn
President, DASH Compliance / Director of Compliance, Marcrum Management Co.
Sonja Horn started her career in affordable management almost 30 years ago as a community manager.  As she advanced in the affordable housing industry, Ms. Horn became an Area Manager, a Regional Property Manager and then Director of Compliance. She has been responsible for overseeing the regulatory compliance for both large and small management companies with oversight in many different types of affordable housing programs. Since Ms. Horn has been on site, she is uniquely qualified to understand the struggles that managers deal with on a daily basis. She currently works at the Director of Compliance for Marcrum Management Company in Birmingham, AL which has communities in 11 states. She has also created a consulting company, DASH Compliance that emphasizes training and file review. She has served as the President-Elect for Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association (SAHMA) and currently is its President-Elect and sits on the Board of Directors. As a member of SAHMA, she also conducts training for state and regional meetings. Ms. Horn is a Housing Credit Certified Professional, a Specialist in Housing Credit Management, a Certified Occupancy Specialist, and certified Fair Housing Coordinator.  Ms. Horn is committed to excellence in affordable housing and looks forward to using her knowledge to help further the understanding of others.

Stacy Day
Vice President Operations, Innovation, Karen A. Graham Consulting, LLC

A highly experienced professional in the multi-family property management industry, Stacy Day has over 25 years of experience in the affordable housing industry. Ms. Day has held Vice President roles in both Compliance and On-Site Operations, so she understands the challenges to keep the bottom line in check while staying in compliance! She focuses on training tips for lease ups and resyndications by blending management and compliance operations for optimal results. She has always been hands-on and works closely with the on- site property staff to ensure a true understanding of what is happening in “the real world”. Her years of experience allow her to provide next-level support regardless of the circumstances.

Toni Blake
Toni Blake is a popular keynote speaker and comedienne. Her presentation style is unique with a “laugh while you learn” combination of education, comedy and a large dose of enthusiasm. She is recognized for her research and innovative concepts in customer service, sales, and marketing. She has been published in many industry trade magazines and is a popular guest on multifamily radio and podcast episodes. She has over 30K followers in social and over .5M views on her Facebook videos. She is a burst of energy and filled with wisdom. Ms. Blake is passionate about being an agent of positive change.

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