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SAHMA membership is company based; all individuals of an organization will receive member benefits. SAHMA members have comprehensive training and information resources at their disposal. You and your employees will have the opportunity to share ideas and information with other members of the multifamily affordable housing industry at eight State-Level Conferences offered every year, as well as during our annual Leadership Affordable Housing Conference. We provide prompt notification of legislative/regulatory changes affecting the industry, maintain relationships with our regulatory partners and promote a standard of excellence in the management of affordable housing. In addition to information, training and networking, SAHMA members are eligible for business insurance that offers competitive broad coverage through McGriff Insurance Services and for the HD Supply facilities maintenance discount program.

OUR MISSION is to To Inform, Educate, and Connect the SAHMA community of affordable housing professionals.


  • Timely notification of industry news and SAHMA events.
  • Opportunities to connect with industry colleagues and partners.
  • Discounts on SAHMA services & events;
    • Education (eLearning and instructor lead)
    • Conferences (State-Level and Leadership)
    • Trade Shows (State-Level and Leadership)
  • Complimentary listing and live link for your company on the SAHMA website (Associate category).
  • Members Only area of the SAHMA website, including Membership Directory and information archives.
  • Complimentary postings of available positions on our job board.
  • Eligible for awards of excellence (individual & company)
  • NAHMA Subscriber membership: A voice in Washington, DC, which entitles you to a subscription of NAHMA News, NAHMAnalysis, discount opportunities to NAHMA services and access to the members only area of the NAHMA website (voting members)



Regular Members (voting) are owners/managers multifamily affordable housing in the southeast. The applicant must be approved to manage in AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

 • Reg 1: 10 or more affordable properties in the Southeast ($1075.00)
 • Reg 2: Less than 10 affordable properties in the Southeast ($650.00)
 • Reg 3: One affordable property or less than 75 units total in the Southeast ($425.00)


Housing Authority Members (voting) are representatives of any public housing agency (state, county, municipality or other government entity or public body or agency) authorized to engage in or assist in the development or operation of public housing according to Section 3 of the US Housing Act of 1937 in AL, MS, FL, TN, SC, NC, KY, GA, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

 • HA 1: 750 or more units in the Southeast ($1075.00)
 • HA 2: 75 - 749 units in the Southeast ($650.00)
 • HA 3: Less than 75 units the Southeast ($425.00)


Associate (non voting) are those representatives of housing-related firms which provide services & supplies to the industry. Dues for Associates are $425.

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Multi-Family Insurance Program

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