NSPIRE (Formerly REAC)

In April of 2019, HUD rolled out a new website and announced a new protocol name. Formerly Uniform Physical Condition Standards, UPCS will now be known as the National Standards For The Physical Inspection of Real Estate, or NSPIRE. While the new website for NSPIRE is still undergoing updates, the site will soon house NSPIRE Demonstration Timelines, Webcasts, and Notices. Information can be found at

2022 REAC / NSPIRE Announcements

New Flyer Outlines Rights for REAC Inspections During the Pandemic
COVID-19 Response Supplies Available to Order by March 7

2021 REAC / NSPIRE Announcements

Proposed NSPIRE Regulation Inspection Standards Consolidation


2020 REAC / NSPIRE Announcements

Get NSPIREd! Newsletter - Issue 8

Get NSPIREd! Newsletter - Issue 7

Get NSPIREd! Newsletter - Issue 6

Get NSPIREd! Newsletter - Issue 5

Get NSPIREd! Newsletter - Issue 4

Secretary Carson Announces HUD Will Safely Resume Physical Inspections

NSPIRE Standards Version 1.3 Released

REAC Presentation From Member Conference Call 7/17/20

Get NSPIREd! Newsletter - Issue 3

Get NSPIREd! Newsletter - Issue 2

REAC inspections, Q&A for COVID-19, conference call

NAHMA HUD Update: All REAC Inspections Postponed due to COVID-19/Coronavirus

Get NSPIREd! Newsletter - Issue 1


2019 REAC / NSPIRE Announcements

Register for the NSPIRE Demonstration Today!

Demonstration to Assess the National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate and Associated Protocols

Initial Release of NSPIRE Standards

NAHMA HUD Update: REAC NSPIRE Voluntary Demonstration Participation Pre-Registration is Now Open

NAHMA HUD Update: Sign-up for the HUD REAC NSPIRE Email Listserv

Notice of Emergency Approval of an Information Collection: National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE) Demonstration

REAC/Multifamily Industry Partners Day Meeting in Washington

Guidance on How to Enforce a Zero for Refusal to Schedule an Inspection Based on 14-Day Guidance

HUD: Stakeholder Listening Session - Jacksonville, FL: April 24th

Presentation Slides from REAC Listening Session in Atlanta

TR and DBA Guidelines - Approving the Delay of a Physical Inspection Beyond the New Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) Inspection Notification Timelines

HUD Announces REAC Listening Sessions - HUD Region IV

HUD Provides Guidance on Limited Delays for New REAC Inspections

HUD to Drastically Cut Notice for Inspections of Public Housing And Privately Owned Apartment Buildings