Preventive Maintenance & Environmental Technician

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Preventive Maintenance & Environmental Technician
12/7/2022 | Lutheran Towers | Atlanta, GA
  1. Maintains all common area Air Handlers; weekly.
  2. Maintains Hot Water Boiler, HVAC weekly.
  3. Assists with drywall repairs, cleaning A/C coils/services P-TAC HVAC units.
  4. Maintains accurate records of all maintenance performed on equipment and machinery.
  5. Maintains emergency equipment – lights, exit lights, fire extinguishers, resident pull stations, and door closers on resident and common area doors.
  6. Completes work order requests according to maintenance priorities.
  7. Assists in refurbishing vacant apartments including
    • General plumbing, painting, and carpentry
    • Cleaning / Carpet shampooing
    • Make-ready (Punch)
    • Maintenance repair
  8. Responds to all building/resident emergencies.
  9. Performs grounds and dumper duties daily.
  10. Attend piectraining when necessary.
  11. Maintains good operating condition of vehicle and records of Minibus as needed
Environmental Services
  • Cleanliness on the public and private areas – Wellness center, conference rooms, hallways, elevators, restrooms, Bridge Tower, and Office rooms located in Basement, 1st floor, and 3rd floor.

  1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
  2. 3 to 5 years of Maintenance experience.
  3. Good driving record and valid Driver’s License.
  4. Able to lift 75 pounds alone and 125 pounds with assistance.
  5. Knowledge of Plumbing, Electrical, Appliance repair, and Carpentry.
Job Details

Lutheran Towers offers a very generous salary and a robust benefits package, including health and dental, life, and disability insurance; paid time off; a generous retirement plan; and a great environment filled with energetic, fun, team-oriented people. We value people who are customer service-oriented, smart, and passionate and get things done in an exemplary fashion.


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