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SAHMA Affordable Housing Conference: North Carolina Session Descriptions

Conflict Resolution
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Evictions Part 1
During this session, Will quickly walks through the North Carolina eviction process from A-Z, including a full review of NC’s standard eviction forms. As always, audience Q&A is encouraged.

Evictions Part 2

During this session, Will conducts a deeper dive into NC evictions, including how to recognize and overcome common landlord mistakes and tenant defenses, the impact of the CARES Act and other newer regulatory issues, and tenant appeals. As always, audience Q&A is encouraged.

Fair Housing
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Inspections And Standards (REAC) for Maintenance
This session is an introduction & overview for maintenance technicians, regardless of skill level. We will introduce the different types of industry Standards & inspections with a focus on REAC. This session covers what to look for, & how to prepare in an organized & professional manner in order to achieve the highest possible inspection scores. 
Topics covered in this session will include: 

  • Safety procedures 
  • General industry Standards 
  • Discussing different types of inspections (Fire Dept., Housing Authority, Bank, REAC) 
  • Inspecting areas for inspections 
  • Preparing for the inspections 
  • Ways to score higher on REAC inspections

Layered Properties
Session Description Coming Soon!

Make-Ready Maintenance
This session is an overview on all important aspects & procedures of making ready units.
Topics covered in this session will include:

  • Walking the Make Ready
  • Accountability & Documentation
  • Organizing the Make Ready process
  • Scheduling Contractors
  • Timely completion of Make Readies
  • Final Inspection & follow up of the Move In

Session Description Coming Soon!

Plumbing Fundamentals for Maintenance
This session addresses the challenges associated with the most common service requests, plumbing. Topics will include major fixture components from the water meter & pressure regulator to the hot & cold-water supply lines into the building. Topics from galvanized to PEX & the tools used to assemble a watertight circuit will be presented. We will also review the typical basin, bath, & shower fixtures, associated drains, & the tools & techniques for opening them will be covered. Lastly, we will discuss troubleshooting & safety considerations with associated tools, products & processes. Topics covered in this session will include:

  • Correct water pressure
  • The component parts & operation of gas & electric water heaters
  • Commercial supply line materials & techniques for assembling circuits
  • Common plumbing tools, quality, & use
  • Servicing, parts, water efficient operation, & troubleshooting a toilet
  • Health & safety concerns including PPE while making plumbing repairs
  • Chemicals, drain openers, & their safe use in plumbing
  • Commercial fire sprinkler systems, maintenance & operation

RD Nuts and Bolts
Session Description Coming Soon!

Regulatory Update
Rules, regulations, and guidance are part of daily multifamily affordable housing management.  This session will review any newly available guidance along with an interpretation of what it really all means as well as how to comply and implement.

Review of Selected NC Legal Issues
Caselaw, Legislative, and Regulatory Developments

During this session, Will discusses additional selected legal issues facing NC landlords, including a new dog bite liability precedent, new NC landlord-tenant laws that were enacted in the past year, and increasing government scrutiny on landlord compliance with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), which affects all lawsuits filed in the USA, including eviction cases.

Strengthening Community Partnerships
Service Coordinators and those in similar professions inherently coordinate services to assist the people they are serving to address barriers and meet needs. You are foraging amazing working relationships with your community partners all the time. How do you take what you are already doing and turn it into a formal partnership that is sustainable? Partnerships are an excellent way to enhance your property, the lives of those you serve, and your community organizations. You have the connections and relationships, now let’s take it a step further and make it a true partnership.  

Tax Credit: Common Mistakes - Desk Audits
Session Description Coming Soon!

Tax Credit: Income Averaging
Session Description Coming Soon!

The Service Coordinator: Defining Your Role
Service coordination has evolved greatly in the last three decades. What began as information and referral is now rooted in a proactive and holistic approach to resident support and wellness. This presentation will provide an overview of the changing nature of service coordination and will also highlight program expectations, the impacts service coordinators have on their properties, and best practices for building your program. HUD’s Service Coordinator in Multifamily Housing Resource Guide will also be reviewed.

Using Data to Enhance Your Service Coordinator Program
Did you know that you have access to information that can be used to show the needs of your residents and the impacts you as a service coordinator have on their wellbeing? This session will explain opportunities to use the information you collect for HUD and your own personal records to build your program, forge partnerships with community providers and better advocate for your residents and service coordination.

Speaker Bios:

Craig Andes
HD Supply

speaker photo: joseph henryJoseph Henry
Owner/Trainer, Professional Compliance Solutions, LLC
Professional Compliance Solutions, LLC is owned by Joseph Henry. Joseph is a Certified Property Manager (CPM) and Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP). He began his career in the Affordable Housing industry in 1986. Since this time, he has brought about significant insight into training and how to help people understand and learn about regulations that will assist the Housing Professionals in all aspects of the job. Beginning his career as a maintenance person, Joe has a real world perspective on what we do, and why we do it! Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning your career in Affordable Housing, Joseph Henry will deliver the best training possible.

speaker photo: lloyd adamsLloyd Adams
President, KBL Housing Consultants
Lloyd Adams has been an active HUD Certified UPCS inspector since August of 2006 and has inspected over 70,000 housing units utilizing HUD's UPCS and REAC protocol. Mr. Adams has also trained thousands of attendees through webinars and classroom settings on HUD's REAC/UPCS/NSPIRE Inspection Protocols.

Melissa Harris
Government Affairs Director, American Association of Service Coordinators
Melissa Harris serves as Government Affairs Director for the American Association of Service Coordinators, where she is responsible for the organization’s legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels. She also promotes recommended standards of practice for service coordinators and provides technical assistance and training on service coordination fundamentals and policies. She holds a journalism degree from Kent State University and worked as a news reporter for more than a decade before joining AASC in March 2018.

Nina Santarelli
Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, American Association of Service Coordinators
Nina Santarelli-Griffin joined AASC in December 2020 as the senior director of strategic partnerships. With 13 years of experience across affordable senior housing, service coordination, permanent supportive housing, program management, and reporting, she leads special projects and strategic partnerships. A Licensed Social Worker in the state of Ohio, Nina also earned a bachelor’s degree and Certificate in Leadership in Human Services Management from The Ohio State University.

Pamala Jeffries
Program Compliance Manager, NC Quadel

Sandy Harris
NC Housing Finance Agency

Sue Streck
Owner, Sue Streck Enterprises 
Sue Streck has over 37 year’s experience in Affordable Housing in the Southwestern United States. She has extensive on-site and corporate experience with Section 8, Tax Credit, Mod Rehab, 236, 202, PRAC, HOME, Bond, Rural Development, Voucher and Certificate programs, Military Housing, and Conventional Housing. She is the owner of Sue Streck Enterprises, is a nationally certified trainer for HAHMA; performs file audits, consulting, and other requested services. Certifications include Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS), Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO), Assisted Housing Manager (AHP), Tax Credit Specialist (TCS), Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM), Certified Credit Compliance Professional (C3P), Housing Credit Compliance Professional (HCCP), Blended Occupancy Specialist (BOS), Fair Housing Certified (FHC), Accredited Residential Manager (ARM), S.T.A.R. designation (Spectrum for Rural Development), National Affordable Housing Professional (NAHP), Certified Property Manager candidate (CPM), Certified Apartment Property Supervisor candidate (CAPS), and extensive training in ADA requirements.

Susan Westbrook
NC Housing Finance Agency

Tanya Clark
NC Housing Finance Agency

speaker photo: will brownleeWilliam K. Brownlee
Attorney, Brownlee Law Firm PLLC
Will Brownlee is an attorney licensed in NC, SC, and GA and is the co-founder of two NC-based law firms: Loebsack & Brownlee, PLLC and Brownlee Whitlow & Praet, PLLC. Over the course of his career, Will has focused almost entirely on all aspects of landlord-tenant law, including evictions, fair housing, general advice and legal compliance, and lease drafting. In all, Will has served the rental industry for the last 2?? years, though largely retiring in 2018 but continuing to serve as Of Counsel for the two law firms bearing his name. Will credits his wife, a property management professional who leased Will his very first apartment, for introducing him to the rental industry and for teaching him [almost] everything worth knowing.

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