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The HUD 4350.3 Handbook CHANGE 4 is available on the HUD website.

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*Handbook Cover revised November 2013
Transmittal revised Nov. 27, 2013
Appendix revised November 2013



Online SHCM Exam Voucher

*Once ordered, vouchers are valid for three weeks. Please allow 5 business days from ordering to receive emailed exam voucher number from SAHMA. It is helpful to identify your proctor prior to ordering the exam.
*The online SHCM exam will produce immediate pass/fail results, once it is completed. You will have 3 hours for this timed exam
*The online SHCM exam is compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and higher and Safari web browsers. The exam is compatible with all tablets regardless of their operating systems

Exam Procedures
Step 1: 
The exam taker will find a NAHP or NAHPe certified person from within their company to act as a proctor. If you need assistance finding a proctor, please contact the SAHMA Office.
SAHMA Office - 404-691-3337
Step 2: The proctor will contact Natasha Patterson at the NAHMA Office to set up a proctor training webinar with TesTrac (the online testing system) to participate in a 10 minute webinar in order to be eligible to proctor the exam. This webinar will give instructions on how to administer the SHCM exam. The proctor will need to sign a MOU.
Natasha Patterson, NAHMA -
Step 3: Coordinate the exam date and location with your proctor. The exam can be taken on a Desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. The proctor will need to stay with the exam taker the entire duration of the exam.
Step 4: In case of a technical emergency during the exam, call Doug O’Dell with TesTrac at 952-997-0641 or for support.

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