Grassroots Advocacy

Grassroots Advocacy describes individuals taking action by contacting their elected officials to effect change at the local, regional or national level on important policy issues that affect their lives and livelihood. 
SAHMA encourages our members to participate in key advocacy activities in their local districts and of course in Washington DC., if they choose to and have the ability to do so. 
Grassroots Advocacy is accomplished in many ways:
  • Meeting with lawmakers in your district or Washington, DC;
  • Hosting an elected official or their staff at a property;
  • Participating in letter-writing or social media campaigns to lawmakers;
  • Attending a political event, like a town hall meeting

Becoming an Advocate  
A short course on how to contact Lawmakers, meet with them, and tips on successfully
advocating for the important issues that are critical to our industry. 

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