Session Descriptions & Speaker Bios

SAHMA Affordable Housing Conference: Georgia Session Descriptions:

Evictions Panel
This panel session will discuss evictions for reasons other than non-payment of rent including best practices and case studies.

Fair Housing - What’s New?
This session will include an overview of a number of fair housing topics that have seen changes in the last year, including the expansion of sex discrimination under the FHA, recent testing efforts, and purchased ESA verifications. Leslie Tucker will also reinforce some fair housing do's and don'ts by covering some recent cases HUD has charged as well as cases she has handled in her practice.  

HUD – Qualifying Households
Joseph Henry with Professional Compliance Solutions will bring you the most relevant information on how to properly qualify households within the HUD program. Whether you are new to HUD or a seasoned HUD manager, this session will cover all aspects of qualifications including a detailed look at EIV and the processes.

Mindfulness & You – Minding Your Mind During These Times
This session is designed to provide attendees with some “toolbox” essentials to successfully manage their minds at work. Being able to effectively handle stress, have clarity, improve focus and emotional intelligence are essential to a healthy, balanced work environment.  Feeling overwhelmed leads to unproductive work and impedes our overall wellbeing and this workshop is to ease such experiences.

  1. The neuroscience of mindfulness.
  2. How to apply mindfulness communication and productivity in the workplace
  3. How to become less emotionally reactive and handle stress with ease

Solutions Focus Panel
No problem is constant, and change is inevitable. Even the smallest things we change can create a path for bigger changes in our lives and in our business. Many times small changes are all that are needed to solve problems and issues in our property management world. This panel will be made up of the “Essential Workers” in Property Management, YOU! Bring your scenarios and questions with you to this interactive session and as a group we will discuss possible solutions.

Tax Credit Hot Topics
Session Description Coming Soon!

The Challenging Behaviors of Our Residents – Unique Approaches to Maintaining Community
A day in the life of a seasoned housing professional is not without challenging moments with some of our residents. With our diverse communities, it is a truism that we may encounter one of 10 challenging or difficult behaviors from aggression and anxiety to bullying and emotional health issues. There is an art to dealing with difficult residents and the aim of this workshop is to share a few simple tools that we can use to make dealing with “difficult behaviors” a breeze. This session's focus is for the attendees to feel more equipped to deal with these behaviors and situations to ensure a more harmonious community.

  1. Clearly define some common “challenging and difficult behaviors” and the effects in our communities.
  2. Translate creative intervention ideas into concrete ways to build and support resident relationships

The Essentials of a Superior Management and Occupancy Review (MOR)
Learn how to prepare for your MOR. This session will guide you through the HUD-9834 audit form and the MOR process. The session will provide best practices that will help you ace your next MOR.

Preparing for REAC
If you get worried about your next REAC inspection, let Joseph Henry with Professional Compliance Solutions help prepare you. In this session, we will cover all inspectable areas and how to “score” big on your next REAC.

Resident Services and Your HUD/LIHTC Community
Everyone wants a community where residents are involved but sometimes it is hard to figure out what we can do to foster that environment. At your tax credit community, you have an obligation to provide resident services on a regular basis, but what really works and how do we get residents to participate? Join us for this session as we will talk about these issues, help give you ideas on what you can do and how to stay in compliance with requirements.

Resolving EIV Income Discrepancies
Tired of looking at income discrepancies and wondering what in the world to do with them? This session will review in detail exactly how to read and understand income discrepancy reports and the most effective ways to resolve them.

Understanding Combined Programs
Layered properties can be a real challenge. Knowing the similarities and differences have never been more important. Join Joseph Henry with Professional Compliance Solutions as we discuss how to stay in compliance when faced with combined programs.

V.O.L.A.R. - How To Turn Roadblocks Into Runways To Success!
‚ÄčThis highly energetic and interactive session, based on Mitch Savoie Hill's inspiring and instructional book, will lay out Mitch's 5-Step formula for achieving personal, professional, or group goals, despite roadblocks. 
Audiences will learn how to:

  • Clarify their personal or group vision
  • Inspire cooperation within a diverse group toward common goals
  • Fully recognize and leverage opportunities and resources
  • Actualize a workable plan toward a goal by avoiding the common pitfalls of poor planning
  • Recalibrate as needed to overcome unexpected roadblocks

Your Guide to Processing Special Claims; The Essentials
Learn how to submit Special Claims for Vacancies and Unpaid Rent and Damage. This session will guide you through the Special Claims Processing Guide and National Housing Compliance’s Checklists. The session will provide best practices that will help you get your claims approved on the 1st submission.

Speaker Bios:

Ashley Cornell
AVP, Randstad

speaker photo: gwen volkGwen Volk

President and CEO, gwen volk INFOCUS, Inc.

Gwen Volk has worked in the affordable housing industry since 1983. She has been president and CEO of a Midwest property management company and chief compliance officer over a Dallas firm’s national portfolio. She has a Master’s degree in Business and is a Certified Property Manager through the Institute of Real Estate Management. Gwen holds certifications as a  National Affordable Housing Professional – Executive Level, Specialist in Housing Credit Management, Housing Credit Certified Professional, Certified Professional of Occupancy, and in Fair Housing Compliance and has been a servant leader in the AHMAs, NAHMA and IREM throughout her career. Gwen is a nationally recognized expert and trainer in the tax credit, bond, HOME, and Section 8 programs and enjoys helping agents, owners, and managers make sense of it all.

Janet Stokes
Voucher Portfolio Manager, National Housing Compliance

Jenny DeSilva
dent & CEO, DeSilva Housing Group

Jenny DeSilva is the President and CEO of DeSilva Housing Group and has over 22 years of experience in affordable housing. She is a recognized industry compliance expert, with extensive consulting and training knowledge in HUD’s Multifamily Housing programs. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Ms. DeSilva began her career in the affordable housing industry as a Director for Southwest Housing Compliance Corporation, HUD’s Project-Based Section 8 Contract Administrator for Texas and Arkansas.


Over the course of 14 years, she held two directorships overseeing staff that processed monthly HAP Requests, as well as staff that conducted 900+ Management and Occupancy Reviews at HUD communities on an annual basis. After 14 years of Contract Administration, Ms. DeSilva utilized her experience and perspective to develop her new role in the industry as an approachable consultant and passionate trainer for housing professionals. She served as the Director of Training for PMCS, Inc, a Syracuse-based training and consulting agency, before returning to her home state of Texas to serve as the Director of Blueprint Housing Solutions, a consulting and training subsidiary of the Housing Authority of the City of Austin. 


When not training, Ms. DeSilva provides quality assurance and technical expertise to vendors offering TRACS compliance software. She is an active member of multiple HUD Working Groups charged with developing new TRACS industry specifications and shaping MOR audit procedures that foster consistency amongst various oversight agencies. 


She currently serves as a HUD technical assistance subcontractor. This role includes providing nationwide TRACS and Secure Systems technical assistance to owners completing Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) PBRA conversions, as well to participating state-level grantees and participating owners of HUD’s PRA 811 Program. Jenny DeSilva is a Certified Occupancy Specialist, Tax Credit Specialist, and Certified Housing Manager.

speaker photo: gwen volkJoseph Henry

Owner/Trainer, Professional Compliance Solutions, LLC

Professional Compliance Solutions, LLC is owned by Joseph Henry. Joseph is a Certified Property Manager (CPM) and Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP). He began his career in the Affordable Housing industry in 1986. Since this time, he has brought about significant insight into training and how to help people understand and learn about regulations that will assist the Housing Professionals in all aspects of the job. Beginning his career as a maintenance person, Joe has a real world perspective on what we do, and why we do it! Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning your career in Affordable Housing, Joseph Henry will deliver the best training possible. 

Kelli Sterling

Senior QA Compliance Manager, National Housing Compliance

Kelli Sterling (MORS, EIVS) serves as the Senior QA Compliance Manager of National Housing Compliance.  She has over 10 years of leadership experience in Quality Assurance and Compliance. Recognized for effectively setting strategic direction for the NHC's quality & regulatory policies and procedures. Adept at leading change management and implementing relevant compliance programs and controls, including creating policies and procedures. Recognized for possessing exceptional communication skills and the ability to build collaborative relationships through NHC’s Management and Occupancy Reviews and Resident Concerns.


Mitch Savoie Hill
CEO & Founder, SavHill Consulting LLC
Mitch Savoie Hill is a Certified Professional Coach, International TEDx Speaker, published author, and Corporate Trainer with over 25 years of hospitality and leadership experience. She started in the hospitality industry as a singing waitress in New York City when she was 18 years old and later went on to manage teams for international companies in the hospitality, real estate management, and construction industries. Mitch is a first-generation American, born to Cuban exiles, who survived a myriad of adventures and her fair share of discrimination and adversity. She now dedicates herself to coaching individuals and teams on how to overcome their roadblocks to success and has authored an inspiring and instructional book on the subject.

As the CEO and founder of SavHill Consulting LLC, she delivers inclusive leadership coaching, corporate training, and keynote speeches to help her audiences learn how to engage their diverse clients and teams to achieve optimum productivity and success. Working in high-stress, fast-paced environments in unique markets, such as Miami, New York, Atlanta, and LA, Mitch Savoie Hill developed best practices for dealing with different personalities and inspiring cooperation among diverse teams. Mitch attended New York University’s renowned Tisch School of the Arts, where she mastered the skill of public presentation. She also received an Ethical and Inclusive Leadership certificate from the University of South Florida.

Mitch’s charismatic energy and contagious laugh captivate her audiences as she enlightens them on important topics such as conflict management, how to inspire cooperation, and embracing Diversity Equity & Inclusion. She proudly serves on the DE&I Committees for the National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC) and Meeting Professionals International (MPI). Mitch Savoie Hill is energized by helping leaders clarify their visions, map out actionable strategies and stretch beyond their horizons!

Randy Woolery

HD Supply


Shaila Grady

National Housing Compliance


Tim Captville-Domon

Market Manager, Randstad