Session Descriptions & Speaker Bios

SAHMA Affordable Housing Conference: Georgia Session Descriptions:

Ask the Experts
Do have question(s) that you want to ask an expert to weigh in on or provide guidance? This is a unique opportunity to do just that and get feedback on your specific issues or concerns in a number of topic areas. Our industry experts (Trainers/Speakers/HUD/PBCA and DCA staff) will be seated (one per table) with a tent card indicating the area of expertise they are ready to discuss. Drop in anytime, just take a seat, and begin a conversation. Stay awhile or move on to an available seat at a different table with another expert and great topic.

Beyond the Handbook
This is an open Q&A addressing questions that are not answered in HUD Handbook 4350.3. We start with the most common questions we get from property managers.

Challenges of Managing Blended Tax Credit Properties
Do you have tax credits on a property that has other programs such as HUD or HOME funds. Every financing layer adds a layer of compliance. Do you know how to stay in compliance for all of the programs at your property? Are you aware of issues and challenges that arise with tax credit properties blended with other programs? If no, you should be.

Conquering the MOR
The session will explore conquering the MOR through the use of HUD form 9834. It will take a look at the various sections and discuss the common finding, how to avoid them and best practices. The session will have a bonus discussion on how Owners and Agents can avoid HUD repayment agreement.

DCA Hot Topics/Q&A (LIHTC)
In this session DCA staff will discuss hot topics and trends; Q&A session.

DCA Updates (LIHTC)
In this session DCA staff will discuss policy and procedural updates, and introduce the POD teams.

Drama Curtain – 10 Proven Ways to END Conflict Quickly
A destructive conflict has a predictable pattern known as the Drama Triangle. By learning how to identify and handle drama, manager’s can prevent some conflicts from occurring and resolve those that do! The quality of our relationships and how we deal with challenges plays a vital role for success in the workplace. 30 -40% of manager's time is spent on conflict resolution. Toni Blake will show you a series of simple repeatable solutions, collaboration techniques, resources, and tools to reduce conflict. Learn how to improve communication, see other points of view, understand the human ego and find agreement. Save your precious time and energy for productive collaboration with your team and bring the DRAMA Curtin down in your office!

EIV Reports and Income Discrepancy
Do you know how to run the infamous EIV reports but then get stuck in actually reading, understanding and resolving them? This session is for you – we will work hands-on reviewing actual reports and figuring out together how to resolve them. Bring your discrepancies and your questions as we work together to resolve them.

Fair Housing
Tired of the same old Fair Housing training? Get ready for an interactive Fair Housing session that might pit you against your neighbor as we delve into some of the areas of most confusion and high levels or discrimination complaints. Come prepared with your Fair Housing stories and ready to work together to ease your concerns.

First 60 Days Panel: New Owners/New Agents, Then What?
This panel session is for new owners/agents discussing what needs to be done in the first 60 days to get set up, running and in compliance.

RAD for PRAC: What does it mean for your PRAC Property?
In September 2019 HUD issued Notice H 2019-09, which allows PRAC owners to convert their subsidy to a Section 8 contract through the “Rental Assistance Demonstration” Program. This session will explain the RAD program and how it can help owners, and what the advantages are for PRAC owners to convert. Case studies will be used, showing how the RAD program will change their ability to leverage funding, and how that funding can address capital needs.

This session will discuss REAC Changes 2017-2020: UPCS to NSPIRE.

Recertifications - Annual and Interim
Annual Recertifications, so much fun! When should they be effective, when should I start the process, how do I verify the information, when do they need to be done and what if they don't get done? Interim Recertifications, even more fun! What do tenants have to report, when do I have to process them, what should I verify, when should it be effective, what happens when things aren't reported? So many questions that you'll find answers to if you attend this session.

Tenant Interviews
Interviewing our applicants and residents is one of the most important steps in determining eligibility. This session will give you information and tips on how to complete the interview more completely, efficiently and thoroughly so that you save yourself time and do the job right.

Wings of Positive Change
Our greatest amenity is our humanity, but being a great human being is not about a single act of kindness. Great human beings have daily habits that inspire relationships and make the world around them a better place. When we take those habits into our work life, we find reduced conflicts, and improvements in resident retention, relations, and overall improved well-being. Toni will share with us small ways that we can easily adjust our wings to positively impact those we encounter by balancing authority with compassion, demonstrating integrity, and acting with kindness. We will learn how to lift our daily routines, identify what is dragging us down and how to build up the momentum to maximize the difference we make in the lives of the residents that we serve.

Speaker Bios:

Anita Moseman
Vice President, Monfric Realty, Inc.
Ms. Anita Moseman is Vice President for Monfric Realty, Inc., a property management and consulting firm based in Grand Junction, Colorado. She is also a partner in HCP, a training and consulting firm based in Orange, California. Ms. Moseman holds the following certifications:  NAHPe, SHCM, CPO, FHC, and RAM. She is a national trainer and has trained the RAM certification course, marketing, occupancy courses, tax credit courses and organizational courses for Multi Housing World, various AHMAs, the National Association of Homebuilders, Federal and State Agencies, and other associations and management companies. In addition, she has trained different government organizations in the Contract Administrator Course. She has served on the Board of Governors of RAM, as a board member of Rocky AHMA and as a technical advisor for SHCM and HCCP.  Ms. Moseman has been recognized by various AHMA’s for her excellence in training and has been awarded the Clive Graham Memorial Award in recognition of Outstanding Service to the Affordable Housing Management Industry.

Deonna Wheeler
National Housing Compliance

Gates Dunaway
Managing Principal, The Gates Dunaway Group, LLC
Ms. Gates Dunaway is the founder and Principal of The Gates Dunaway Group, a mission-based consulting firm that works with non-profits across the country to help preserve their affordable housing properties. The firm specializes in executing preservation strategies for properties originally financed with HUD 202 Loans and 202 PRACs, Flexible Subsidy Loans, and Section 8 contracts, as well as helping them expand their mission with the development of new properties.

Jeff Wirrick
Chief Asset Management Officer, National Housing Compliance
As Chief Asset Management Officer for the National Housing Compliance (NHC), Mr. Jeff Wirrick directs the Asset Management Division which is responsibility for PBCA operations in both Georgia and Illinois. He also oversees corporate program compliance, new business development and serves as the state of Georgia Regulatory Coordinator for SAHMA. Mr. Wirrick completed his Bachelors of Arts Degree in Accounting at Michigan State University and received his Master of Public Administration from Western Michigan University. He has a professional interest in project and quality management. In 2006 he earned a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University. Mr. Wirrick has earned the professional designations of Certified Property Manager (CPM), Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM) and Assisted Housing Manager (AHM) and has been working in the affordable housing industry for over 25 years.

Juan Galvan
National Housing Compliance
Mr. Juan Galvan joined National Housing Compliance in 2017 as a Compliance Manager. Mr. Galvan got his start in the public housing industry as an Asset Management Data Analyst, and has advanced to compliance and oversight roles. He has been conducting audits for the last six years.

Mary Ross
President and CEO, Ross Business Development, Inc.
Ms. Mary Ross is a nationally recognized expert in property management training and consulting and related areas. Ms. Ross is the President and CEO and majority shareholder of Ross Business Development, Inc. a small, woman-owned Atlanta-based business. She provides clients with high-level consultation and advice on how to succeed when managing properties set aside for low-income families. Her specific areas of expertise are: HUD MFH Occupancy compliance, Fair Housing compliance, Use of the Enterprise Income Verification System, TRACS Submission & Audits, Project-based Rental, Assistance (PBRA) RAD Consulting & Training, Policy and Procedure Development, Management & Occupancy Review Preparation & Response. In 2001, Ms. Ross and Mr. Mark Ross created a unique training, learning development and consulting practice that marries knowledge of HUD occupancy requirements, HUD systems and process development. Ms. Ross works closely with contract administrators, software vendors and HUD to help assist owner/agents with implementation of and compliance with HUD’s occupancy and system requirements. She is a member in good standing of NAHMA and Leading Age.

Merranda James
Compliance Officer, Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs
Ms. Merranda James is a Compliance Officer with the Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs, Office of Portfolio Management. She is responsible for monitoring regulatory compliance for LIHTC and HOME programs. Prior to joining DCA, she worked in state government performing quality assurance reviews for state and federal funded programs. With 10 years in state government, Ms. James is committed to strengthening Georgia’s affordable housing communities.

Michael Gantt
Senior V.P., The Inspection Group
Mr. Michael Gantt is "The REAC Guru," a popular speaker on REAC inspections at national and regional housing industry conferences. His sessions always include a few surprises and new insights into REAC inspections, with a helping of irreverent humor to engage and entertain. Mr. Gantt has been a full time REAC Consultant and Trainer for well over a decade and has conducted over 150 two day seminars on the topic as well as many dozens of shorter speaking engagements. He welcomes questions from the audience, so come prepared for an interactive discussion!

Sonja Horn
President, DASH Compliance/Marcrum Management Co.
Ms. Sonja Horn is the president and founder of DASH Compliance consulting company. She also works as the Director of Compliance for Marcrum Management Company out of Birmingham, AL. Ms. Horn started her more than 20 years in the affordable housing industry as an on-site manager and knows first-hand the challenges that both managers and owners face in the ever-complex world of HUD and tax credit compliance. She is the VP of Education for SAHMA and sits on the Board of Directors.

Stephen Vlkovic
Program Specialist, Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs
Mr. Stephen L. Vlkovic has been a Program Specialist with the GA DCA since December 2013. His background is in Portfolio Management and Compliance, and he has managed rent stabilized and rent controlled multifamily properties in New York. Mr. Vlkovic is part of the Office of Portfolio Management team at DCA, handling; inspection scheduling, construction progress monitoring, Placed-In-Service filings, Qualified Contract applications, Project Concept Change requests, and Annual Tax Credit Application Reviews. He is a Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS –NAA designation).

Tarron Gibbs Powell
MITAS Administrator, Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs
Ms. Tarron Gibbs Powell is the Mitas Administrator for the Compliance Department at Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA). She manages the Mitas database which is a web based property management system used to compile and monitor tenant and building data for Georgia properties receiving funding through DCA. Ms. Powell also functions as Performance Auditor in which she performs performance-related audits for the National Housing Corporation (a Contract Administrator for HUD) Central Office and Field Offices in Georgia. Ms. Powell has been with DCA for 29 years, with the last 13 years ensuring federal and/or state program compliance in the single family and multifamily departments. She holds the following certifications: Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS), Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) and Certificate of Completion Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS).

Thaphony Dumas
Compliance Officer, Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs
Mr. Thaphony Dumas is Senior Portfolio Specialist in the Compliance Department in the Office of Portfolio Management. He has over 8 years’ experience working with the State of Georgia, Department of Community Affairs performing monitoring for regulatory compliance of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit and HOME Programs. Mr. Dumas currently oversees the submission of utility methodology change request and HOME rent reviews and he is Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) since 2012.

Toni Blake
Ms. Toni Blake is a popular international speaker, consultant, author and comedienne inspiring thousands of multifamily apartment industry professionals every year. With over 30 years of training experience, her “laugh while you learn” approach has made Toni one of the most sought-after experts in her field. As a published author, her ideas have been published in dozens of trade magazines and blogs across the country. In November 2008, Ms. Blake was awarded the Multifamily PRO “Industry Legend” Award. She was selected by the National Apartment Association as one of the industry’s “Marketing Gurus” and is recognized for her research and innovative concepts in customer service, sales, marketing and social media. She was honored at the very first Multifamily PRO “People’s Choice Awards” winning awards for “Educational Excellence” and “Imagination and Innovation.” She currently serves as President of

Tricia Manning
Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs

Tzwanza Taylor
Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs

Vanessa Saint-Louis
Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs