Elderly / Disabled Resources

Welcome to our Elderly/Disabled resource page made possible by a dedicated group of volunteers. Serving as SAHMA’s Regional Director for Elderly/Disabled Issues, I have the pleasure of interacting with volunteers across the Southeast region whose passion it is to serve our Elderly and Disabled residents no matter what type of property/community they call home. We recognize these residents may be lucky enough to live in a community that benefits from a service coordinator or other in-house features that assist them; however, with so many of our residents now “aging in place” in family, elderly properties without the benefit of a service coordinator, or disabled properties, the need for information, education and assistance becomes more critical each day. Our group of volunteers have researched some links that we hope you find useful and informative and will be beneficial. Naturally, these are not all- inclusive, and this resource page will be updated periodically as new websites and/or information becomes available, so please check back often. Our committee’s passion and commitment to help all SAHMA members be a part of SAHMA’s mission of “informing, educating and connecting” our community of affordable housing professionals has been realized by this resource database. If you have any suggestions or additional information you would like to share, or you are interested in being a part of our committee, please email us by clicking here. We look forward to your response.

With Gratitude, Glenda G. Leduc, SAHMA Regional Director, Elderly/Disabled Issues


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