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Over 30 years ago, the “Drug-Free Art/Calendar” contest was designed to involve children, from kindergarten through high school, in an effort to educate the nation’s youth on the dangers of substance abuse. With the support of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Rural Housing Services, the scope of the competition has increased dramatically and now includes Elderly, Disabled and Special Needs residents. The art/calendar contest is an activity that not only helps to ensure the health and well-being of our residents, but it also goes a long way toward maintaining a positive public perception of your property and community. The project is sponsored by AHMAs throughout the country and NAHMA.

Entries are judged on the artist’s ability to create a submission with the contest theme. While the general purpose of the program is to promote being drug free, the theme for artists to portray on their poster changes each year. This year, the theme is: HOPE IS IN BLOOM - NURTURING OUR COMMUNITIES. Judges consider: INTERPRETATION of the theme Hope is in Bloom - Nurturing Our Community; ORIGINALITY of submission; QUALITY: Is the artwork submission appealing to the eye; OVERALL ARTISTIC ABILITY: Does the artwork submission show some degree of creativity and skill for its age group; REPRODUCTION: Can artwork be reproduced with reasonable quality and clarity?

Receive recognition at their state meeting


$300 money order (includes category prize) winner plaque

$100 money order with winner plaque

$50 gift card for each coordinator with a winner recognition certificate

Winning posters are sent to NAHMA to be included in the National Contest. National winners will be featured in the 2019 NAHMA Calendar and will receive separate prizes as designated by NAHMA.


1. All Contestants submitting artwork MUST be a resident of a community that is currently a member of SAHMA.

2. While we encourage community activities to brainstorm the theme and contest rules, ENTRIES MUST BE CREATED BY THE INDIVIDUAL WITHOUT ASSISTANCE - that includes any writing on the poster.

3. The five grade categories for children are based on the grade level the contestants will have completed by June 2018:
· Kindergarten - 1st Grade
· 2nd Grade - 3rd Grade
· 4th Grade - 6th Grade
· 7th Grade - 9th Grade
· 10th Grade - 12th Grade

4. Elderly participants are residents 55 and over who live in a SAHMA community. Disabled/ Special Needs participants are residents of any age who live in a SAHMA member community. 

Only children are eligible to become grand prize winners.

5. Artwork must be submitted on a 22 in. x 28 in. poster board or heavy art paper (portrait or landscape layouts accepted).

6. Remind your participants to use the entire space and make it colorful.

7. Any medium may be used (paint, crayons, colored pencils, collage, etc.) but must be protected against damage.

8. Use this year’s theme as the focal point of the poster to convey a positive message.

9. Including the words “AHMA Drug Free Kid” or any other drug free message is NOT MANDATORY.

10. Use of cartoon characters, product brands, logos, individual names or property names is not permitted. Do not include the child’s, property’s, company’s or SAHMA’s name on the front of the poster

11. A Participant Information Form must be completed, legible and attached with tape to the back, upper right-hand side, of each submission - please do not staple the form to your posters. Incomplete forms will make submissions ineligible. Elderly/Disabled & Special Needs forms do not require age, birthday, school or parent information.

12. All posters submitted to the chairperson become the property of SAHMA and NAHMA, who have the right to use the art for publicity, publications and advertisements. POSTERS WILL NOT BE RETURNED.

13. All entries MUST be received by your state’s Drug Free Coordinator no later than FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 2018**
       **Plese note that posters are due March 20th for residents of Puerto Rico

14. Call your Coordinator (listed on page one) or the SAHMA office at (800) 745-4088 with any questions or concerns.

Friday, January 12, 2018

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