NAHMA HUD Update: OCAF Notice Issued for 2022; HUD Seeking Vacant Units for Disaster; CSP Resources Available

Please find three recent notices from HUD's Office of Multifamily Housing:

OCAF Notice Issued for 2022
HUD Seeking Vacant Units for Disaster
CSP Resources Available

Please find three recent notices from HUD's Office of Multifamily Housing:
  1. 2022 OCAF Notice
HUD has recently published a notice with the Operating Cost Adjustment Factors for 2022 (also attached). The OCAFs provided in the notice are applicable to eligible projects having a contract anniversary date of February 11, 2022, or after and were calculated using the same method as those published in HUD's 2021 OCAF notice published on November 27, 2020.
  1. Submit Potential Disaster Housing Resources to HUD

    HUD is seeking help locating potential resources (vacant units) available to assist with housing survivors displaced as a result of a Presidentially Declared Disaster (PDD). Please complete this form with details of any vacant units. While the solicitation is nationwide, HUD and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are specifically targeting potential resources in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and surrounding areas.

    As a reminder, federal statue and HUD regulations require that PDD displaced residents be given priority over other applicants for either temporary or permanent housing in all multifamily properties currently insured under sections 221(d)(3), 221(d)(4) and 221(d)(3) BMIR and 236 programs (See HUD handbook 4350.3 REV-1, chapter 4, paragraph 4-6). The term of this requirement is for 18 months from FEMA's publication of the PDD declaration, unless extended by Congress.

    For reference, see the displaced preference in Handbook 4350.1, Chapter 38, Section 38-27, Priority for Temporary and Permanent Rental Housing.
  2. Resources / Links Shared on the Call
The Office of Multifamily Housing held a stakeholder call on Oct. 14 on Multifamily's ongoing preparedness and response to disasters with Deputy Assistant Secretary Ethan Handelman, Senior Advisor Bob Iber, and Disaster Management Team Lead Jalon Carter. Please find materials shared on the call below.



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