NAHMA HUD Update: DUNS Number Registration and Annual Re-Activation Procedures

Below, please find a reminder from HUD with regard to keeping DUNS registrations up to date to avoid missing a rental assistance payment. Multifamily owners and agents must re-activate their DUNS number annually in the SAM system to avoid subsidy payment interruptions.

Please see below for more information.
Dear Multifamily Partners:
Following is a reminder to multifamily owners and managing agents to keep their DUNS registration up to date so that they don't miss a rental assistance payment.  Feel free to forward to your appropriate contacts.  Please contact Danielle Garcia with any questions.   
Thank you.
Office of Multifamily Housing Programs

Dear Owners & Managing Agents:
With the implementation of new restrictions on the payments of public funds to entities, subsidy payments will be interrupted due to the expiration of project Dun and Bradstreet Numbering System (DUNS) numbers in the System for Award Management (SAM) system.  Entities must re-activate their DUNS number annually in the SAM system to avoid subsidy payment interruptions.  To ensure that your DUNS number is currently activated, owners/agents will need to include their active DUNS number on any HAP contract renewal form being submitted to HUD or their contract administrator as noted below.
HUD Notice H 2011-01 requires owners of Project-Based Rental Assistance Contracts or Section 202 or 811 Project Rental Assistance Contracts (PRACS) to obtain and maintain an active DUNS number for their project.  The Central Contractor Registry (CCR) referenced in this Notice has been replaced by the System for Awards Management (SAM)s, and DUNS numbers can be registered and renewed each year at the following website:**&portal:type=action#1
Again, HUD requires an active DUNS number in order to renew contracts covered by the notice, and the DUNS number needs to be renewed each year to stay active.  The attached “Quick Start Guide for Updating/Renewing an Entity” provides guidance for renewing your DUNS number in SAM.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.  Please contact your assigned account executive or contract administrator if you have further questions.
Note:  This page of your renewal request will be forwarded by your local HUD office or contract administrator to the HUD Ft. Worth office with your renewed HAP contract at each HAP contract renewal where the DUNS number will be verified in the SAM system.  Should your DUNS number be expired, your contract will be returned.

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