NAHMA GRASSROOTS ALERT: Please Urge Congress to Support Affordable Housing and Rental Assistance Programs that Preserve, Rehabilitate, and Create New Affordable Housing

Urge Members of Congress to work together to ensure affordable housing and rental assistance programs receive funding.



Urge Members of Congress to work together to ensure affordable housing and rental assistance programs receive funding.

Ask your lawmakers to provide increased funding for affordable housing and rental assistance programs that preserve, rehabilitate, and create new affordable units.


Congress is currently considering a major increase in affordable housing investments. In a $3.5 trillion proposed spending package, Congress is debating allocating over $300 billion for affordable housing and rental assistance programs. Over the next few months, the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress will push to finalize this annual spending legislation, as part of their economic recovery policy efforts. While Republicans in Congress have indicated they will not support this increased spending, it is possible the legislation could still pass if all Democrats support it (given their control in both chambers of Congress). It is imperative NAHMA members convey the need for affordable housing and rental assistance, and help lawmakers understand the vital role these programs have in their communities. Please contact your lawmakers and tell them to:   

  • Support full funding for Fiscal Year 2022.
  • Urge your lawmakers to fully fund housing and community development programs that support and protect hard-working families, low-income seniors, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable communities.
  • Support the preservation of Affordable Housing by funding the HOME Programthe Housing Trust Fundand the Multifamily Rural Preservation and Revitalization program.
  • Tell your lawmakers to include provisions that fund the preservation of current affordable housing to address the lack of affordable housing.
  • Address homelessness and housing instability by increasing and expanding rental assistance.
  • Ask lawmakers to support increased funding and expand access for the Housing Choice Voucher program and Project-Based Rental Assistance (including Sec. 202 and Sec. 811) and Sec. 521 Rural Rental Assistance.
  • Expand the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC).


Please take a moment to email your lawmakers, or NAHMA members can request a Virtual Meeting with lawmaker(s) offices.

Your legislators want to hear from you. You can help us and add your voice by completing these steps:


  1. NAHMA can assist in setting up virtual meetings with your lawmakers and you may contact Larry or Michal with your meeting requests. Please note that due to the evolving nature of Congressional schedules, interested NAHMA members should provide several dates of availability for a virtual meeting. 


  1. Enter your address to contact your U.S. Senator(s) and Representative (s), utilizing this free tool:!/
Please complete the respective categories with your email and contact information.
Subject: Congress Must Support Increased Funding for Affordable Housing Programs
Message to copy and pasteNAHMA members continue to be on the frontlines, working to improve the lives of our residents every day, while navigating a very uncertain time during this increasing wave of infections from the COVID-19 variantsProviding additional federal resources through proven, effective housing and community development programs will allow residents and communities to recover from the pandemic while helping housing providers like us meet the needs of our lowest-income residents. We urge you to support increased funding for rental assistance programs, including the Housing Choice Voucher, Project Based Rental Assistance (Sec. 202 and Sec. 811) and for the Rural Rental Assistance Program; to support the preservation of affordable housing by funding the HOME program, the Housing Trust Fund and the Multifamily Rural Preservation and Revitalization program; and to increase the new construction of affordable housing by supporting LIHTC and the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act.
At the end, Select the Topics:  “Housing” or “Housing and Community Development
3. Keep up the pressure--Congress will be in recess during the week of August 17-22 so let them know your thoughts!



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