NAHMA HUD Update: Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) Guide Drafts - New link

HUD re-released an update to the MAP Guide with correct links. 

Dear Stakeholders:

On October 15, 2019, FHA posted for industry feedback the first revised draft chapters for an updated Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) Guide as part of its ongoing work to deliver a fully updated guide in the future.
The following drafts are now available for review and feedback until [closing date]:
  • 2020 MAP Guide Draft - Chapter 1: Introduction
  • 2020 MAP Guide Draft - Chapter 10: Management Analysis
  • 2020 MAP Guide Final Draft - Chapter 14: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Guidance
Work is underway to update a total of 19 chapters, including two new chapters, and 12 appendices.  The updates are intended to incorporate current policy and processing changes introduced since 2016.  This includes making substantive changes based on previously published Housing Notices, Mortgagee Letters, and frequently asked questions, while also conforming policy to common industry standard practices and making general improvements to the MAP Guide's readability and structure.
Individual draft chapters and the corresponding draft appendices, if applicable, will be released on the Multifamily Drafting Table periodically for a 30-day feedback period.
The draft chapters are available here. To provide feedback, respondents must use the 2019 Draft MAP Guide Response Worksheet located here, and e-mail the response worksheet here. Questions should be directed to Wendy Houston.

The MAP Guide provides consistent, expedited mortgage insurance application processing by MAP-approved Lenders and review procedures for HUD's Multifamily Regional Centers and Satellite Offices.



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