NAHMA HUD Update: HUD provides homeless preference resources for O/As to use

Last week, HUD released several online resources for owners and agents to use regarding the homeless admissions preference:
  • Short video – Owners and Agents Share their Experiences     
    This four and a half minute video features properties that have adopted the homeless preference, detailing productive relationships with service providers and HUD partners.
  • Webinar – An Overview for Property Owners and Agents   
    This five and a half minute video gives step-by-step instructions for properties to adopt the preference, answering common questions about flexibility and local partnerships with service providers.
  • Webinar – An Overview for Continuums of Care and Service Providers  
    This ten and a half minute video explains the role of service providers within privately-owned, HUD-assisted properties, offering best practices and a planning roadmap.
For access to HUD's resources on homeless preference, click here. To learn more about new special and add-on management fees available under the homeless preference, click here. Lastly, for more information about HUD guidance on adopting a homeless admissions preference, click here.

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