Preparations for Hurricane Dorian - Vacancy Reporting

As we prepare for Hurricane Dorian to make landfall in Florida as a possible category 4 hurricane on Monday evening, we need to begin preparations to relocate displaced residents. 
To assist us with this effort, please forward the number of available vacant units in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee to  the following email addresses as soon as possible: for properties assigned to an Account Executive reporting to the Atlanta Regional Office (central to northern Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee)
or for properties assigned to an Account Executive reporting to the Jacksonville Satellite Office (Florida and central to southern Alabama)
We ask that as vacancies change, properties should continue to report that on an ongoing basis to the email addresses noted above.  Although property specific vacancy information is requested, it can be provided on a portfolio level to reduce the number of updates each owner and/or management agent provide. 
If you need additional information for your specific property, please contact HUD at 678-732-2743.



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