Notice of Funding Availability for Set-Aside Tenant-Protection Vouchers for Fiscal Year 2018

The Office of Multifamily Housing and the Office of Public and Indian Housing published a joint Tenant Protection Voucher (TPV) Set-Aside Notice on February 15, 2019. The Notice explains the eligibility and application requirements for $5 million of TPV set-aside funding as well as how applications will be processed.  

The purpose of the vouchers is to protect the residents of certain properties with expiring affordability restrictions.  An owner is eligible to request assistance under this notice in the form of either an enhanced voucher or project-based voucher (PBV) assistance.

This FY18 TPV set-aside Notice continues and furthers enhancements made during the FY17 funding process, including:
  • Establishes that the notice will be applicable to future TPV set-aside appropriations as long as each year's appropriations act remains consistent with the contents of this Notice.
  • Establishes that qualifying low-vacancy areas will be updated annually and establishes the effective dates of such lists.
  • Revises several sections of the notice to establish that the initial point of contact for owners of properties with maturing Section 202 Direct Loans will be the Office of Recapitalization who can be contacted at (The Office of Recapitalization also serves as the point of contact for owners of properties who are prepaying Section 202 Direct Loans)
  • Addresses turnover of units between the date the owner submits a request under this notice and the date of the triggering event, where the owner is submitting a request ahead of the triggering event.
  • Provides additional guidance on Project-Based Vouchers.

The Notice can be viewed here.



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