Notes from Recent Partnership Meetings

We wish to thank our HUD partners for hosting recent partnership meetings in Jacksonville on October 16th and Atlanta on November 7th.  These meetings were attended by Owner/Agents as well as HUD and PBCA colleagues. 
Many topics were discussed and here are some highlights from these two meetings;
  • The Management Fee Range document that was recently made available (posted on the SAHMA website) which covers our entire Region IV is a comprehensive tool that is scheduled to be reviewed and updated every two years. 
  • Before the next disaster strikes please make sure you are familiar with HUD 4350.1 Chapter 38 as well as the Uniform Relocation Act and Section 8 pass through information. Also, remember to keep in contact with your Account Executive (AE) during/after a disaster and provide any requested information as soon as possible. Click here for video training (available in English & Spanish).  
  • Please remember to submit PRAC renewal requests 120 in advance of the expiration date of the contract. 
  • 2019 OCAF adjustment factors have not been published as of yet. 
  • For those experiencing any issues during a REAC inspection please remember that on the REAC website there are forms and information on how to file a report/complaint if necessary. 
  • Our PBCA partners reported that many of them have already completed reviews on all of the properties in their portfolio, some are 80%+ completed.
  • EIV continues to be the number one issue that is found during Management Occupancy Reviews (MOR's). Please make sure that onsite staff are trained and understand the EIV process, reports etc., to remain in compliance with this requirement.  
  • Please remember to submit Special Claims when appropriate.




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