RHIIP Listserv Posting #413 - Temporary Suspension of CNA eTool for PRAC Properties

HUD's Office of Asset Management and Portfolio Oversight (OAMPO) has issued an August 3, 2018, memorandum addressing current CNA eTool requirements for PRAC properties.

The memorandum advises that the requirement found in Housing Notice 2016-18 for PRACs to utilize the CNA eTool has been suspended until further notice. The suspension will last until technological updates can be made that would enable needs assessors to submit the CNA eTool on behalf of PRAC projects. PRAC projects needing to submit a rent increase in the interim are instructed to follow previous guidance inHUD Handbook 4350.1, Chapter 7.
The August 3, 2018 memorandum can be found at:
Any questions should be directed to Jennifer Larson at or 202-402-7141.

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