NAHMA HUD Update: Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) e-Tool New System Release & Improved Assessment Tool

Below, please find information from HUD regarding the new Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) e-Tool System Release 2.2, including six new webinars to assist CNA e-Tool users. This update is also available on the CNA website here.

Thanks to our industry partners for their feedback on the CNA e-Tool.  We are pleased to share that we're rolling out System Release 2.2 and the revised assessment tool this weekend.  You'll see that these steps address several immediate concerns, including missing flag notes.  We look forward to your continued input and further discussion with these improvements.
1.      The CNA e-Tool team will begin installing System Release 2.2 and deploying a newer version of the Assessment Tool on Friday, March 2 at 9 p.m. EST.  This new release corrects several items, including the missing flag notes and arithmetic errors, plus it improves the lender decision form.  These and more changes will make for a smoother user experience.

We ask that users not use the CNA e-Tool until 11 p.m. EST on Sunday, March 4.  The improved Assessor Tool Excel Sheet (CNA 1.2 V5) will be posted here after Release 2.2 is successfully installed.  Other submissions that were sent using CNA 1.2 V4 or earlier are still acceptable, but we recommend this latest version for all submissions moving forward.       
2.      A revised “Known Issues and Solutions 2-27-2018” document has been posted, which includes:
A.   A description of the “missing flag notes” error and how to work-around it (Section 3.5.)  While the missing flag notes error is corrected in the new release, lenders have the option after to continue using this work-around as an easier method for submitting flag notes.
B.   A new Subsection 4.4.3 cautioning users to enter only actual Property ID #s in the Assessment Tool Property form.
C.   Previously identified issues corrected in Release 2.2 are indicated by overstriking these items which will be wholly deleted from future editions of “Known Issues”.
3.      Six new tutorials and webinars were released in February to assist CNA e-Tool Users. They can be found here.
4.      Usage Statistics.  241 FHA applications have been submitted using the CNA e-Tool as of February 27, 2018.
• 29 applications have been approved
• 84 are currently under active review
• 22 are Ready for Decision
• 70 have been returned for revision
• 36 have been submitted and still need to be assigned

5.      Submission by month statistics as of February 27, 2018:
• (81) February 2018
• (79) January 2018
• (53) December 2017
• (19) November 2017
• (2) October 2017
• (2) September 2017
• (2) August 2017
• (1) July 2017

6.      A compiled list of the most frequently asked questions by our users can be found here.
7.      Please direct questions to  the AAQ form.
8.      For user access issues, please email
This bulletin and subsequent updates can be found here.



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