Inspector Notice No. 2016-03 - UPCS Deficiencies and Documents Showing Examples

From Shawn M. Walkey, HUD Multifamily Southeast : REAC issued Inspector Notice No. 2016-03 in response to a growing trend of non-industry standard (NIS) inferior repairs in preparation for a REAC inspection at some properties. While REAC has been working with the certified UPCS contract inspectors to assist them understanding the Notice, we believe it is also important for Multifamily Property Owners and Agents to be aware of the Notice as well.
We request that you distribute the attached Inspector Notice No. 2016-03 to your owners and agents so that they are prepared for a UPCS inspection and are familiar with the concept of an NIS repair.  We have also attached a UPCS Guidance and Protocol Clarification with pictures that was developed by REAC's PASS-QA team to aid inspectors understanding of the Notice, as well as a PowerPoint presentation presented to inspectors at a training session.  These documents should be helpful to owners and agents as well.
Should you have any questions about this notice, please contact the REAC TAC at 1-888-245-4860 or at  
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