RHIIP Listserv Posting #400 -- Reminder - Mandatory Use of the EIV System and Multifamily EIV Help Desk

This is a reminder to all owners and management agents (O/As) about required use of the Enterprise Income Verification System (EIV), consequences of failing to meet this requirement, and available resources to assist you in using the system. 

Effective January 31, 2010, use of HUD's EIV system became a mandatory part of the tenant admission and recertification process for Multifamily assisted properties.  O/As  that participate in the programs identified in the HUD Handbook 4350.3: Occupancy Requirements of Subsidized Multifamily Housing Programs are required to have continuous access to and utilize the EIV System in its entirety.
OA's who do not have access to or are not utilizing the EIV System in its entirety, will receive a finding and incur a penalty of a five percent of their monthly rental subsidy payment from HUD.  A decrease in the voucher payment will be levied for the month following the date the violation was found and each subsequent voucher payment, until the violation is cured. Obtaining EIV access can be achieved by visiting the EIV Application and Online Access for Multifamily Housing Programs web page
If additional assistance is needed in obtaining EIV access, user recertification or any other issues associated with the Multifamily EIV system, please contact the Multifamily EIV Help Desk at1-800-767-7588 (fax 202-401-7984) or e-mail them at

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