RADBlast! CNA eTool Training & Update and New Version of RAD PBV Contract Available

HUD will host a webinar on Thursday, December 7 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. EST, providing an overview of HUD's Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) e-Tool and related requirements for public housing and Mod Rehab RAD transactions.
The emphasis of this training is the role of public housing agencies (PHAs) and Mod Rehab owners in reviewing and submitting CNA e-Tools.  Separate training is already available for CNA assessors in completing the e-Tool. This webinar will focus on the role of PHAs and owners in reviewing the e-Tool provided by an independent assessor and then submitting the e-Tool to the RAD Resource Desk as part of the PHA's or owner's Financing Plan submission, including an overview of the e-Tool's functionality.
HUD is also announcing that, for non-FHA RAD transactions, the PHAs and owners will submit the e-Tool directly to the RAD Resource Desk. Previously, CNA e-Tools were to be submitted separately through HUD's CNA e-Tool web portal. HUD has decided it is unnecessary, for non-FHA RAD transactions, to use the separate CNA e-Tool web portal, given the availability of the RAD Resource Desk.
As was previously announced, the new Tool will be required for all Financing Plan submission on February 1, 2018.  This includes both 1st & 2nd Component transactions
To register for this webinar, follow this link:  Using HUD's CNA e-Tool for RAD Transactions.
New RAD PBV HAP Contract Now Available
Formerly, PBV conversions of public housing properties used the standard “PBV HAP Contract for New Construction or Rehabilitation” along with a “RAD rider” that made amendments to the contract. To improve the readability of the contract, HUD has produced PBV contract documents that incorporates the changes made by the RAD rider directly into the standard PBV HAP contract. This contract (Part I and Part II) is available in the Document Library on the RAD Resource Desk. PHAs and owners may use this version of the contract immediately, but may continue to use the original HAP contract with Rider if they are currently in the closing process. However, PHAs must use this version for any closing packages submitted on or after January 1, 2018 or for any closings that occur on or after February 1st 2018.
                - The RAD Team
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