HUD's Climate Resilience Symposium - Updated Location

HUD announced the location for their Climate Resilience Symposium in Jackson, MS, on June 18th, 2024. 

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Climate Resilience

HUD is proud to present the Climate Resilience Symposium in partnership with leading organizations committed to climate resilience in housing, health, energy efficiency, data analysis, and greenhouse gas emissions. This symposium aims to empower communities, particularly low- and moderate-income ones, to build resilience against climate hazards and natural disasters.


HUD's Climate Action Plan: Under the Climate Action Plan, HUD is committed to:

  • Enhancing climate risk data collection.
  • Researching resilience measures for informed decision-making.
  • Integrating climate-related financial risk into programs.
  • Strengthening flood resilience standards.
  • Providing resilience, sustainability, and environmental justice training.


**Featured Resources:**

  • Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis (EO 14008).
  • HUD Build for the Future: Technical assistance and funding navigator for climate projects.
  • Climate Communities Initiative: Supporting equitable responses to climate crises in cities.
  • Supporting Local Climate Action: Resources for using HUD funding to address climate change.
  • HUD Disaster Resources.
  • Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Communities Initiative.


Save the date for HUD's Climate Resilience Symposium and let's build sustainable, climate resilient communities together! 


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Please reply to: with your intent to attend in person or virtual.

For more information, please contact the Mississippi Field Office at



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