RADBlast! RAD and Presidentially Declared Disaster Areas

The Office of Recapitalization encourages PHAs that are in Presidential Declared Disaster areas and that are unable to meet any RAD deadlines as a result of the disaster to contact either their RAD transaction manager or to request an extension.

As highlighted by recent natural disasters and the difficulties PHAs face in meeting certain deadlines for RAD while simultaneously addressing more pressing recovery efforts, the Office of Recapitalization recognizes the need to adjust deadlines for PHAs in Presidential Declared Disaster areas.  To address this concern, in addition to flexibilities in the RAD Notice that already allow HUD to modify various deadlines, HUD has recently published in the Federal Register new flexibilities to approve extensions on a case-by-case basis to PHAs that are located in Presidentially Declared Disaster areas and that are currently required to make submissions if they have either:
  1. Submitted letters of interest (LOI) to reserve their position on the RAD waiting list and that have subsequently been notified that they are eligible for award if they submit a complete RAD application, portfolio award request, or multi-phase award request within 60 days of notification; or
  2. Received a portfolio award and have been provided 365 days from its issuance to submit acceptable RAD applications for the remaining projects included in the portfolio award.
The Federal Register notice announcing these new flexibilities is available at  This authority is not limited to the recent events. 



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