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HUD Publishes Housing Notice 2024-03: Approval and Processing of Requests to Bifurcate Contracts

This Notice explains the standards and conditions a Project Owner must meet to obtain HUD approval for a HAP contract bifurcation. It also describes the processing of approved bifurcation requests. 


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This Notice provides guidance for public housing agencies (PHAs) administering the Public Housing (PH) and/or Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) programs, along with other PIH grantees (for example, recipients of federal funding through PIH’s NOFO process), on compliance with federal requirements for providing meaningful access to persons with limited English proficiency (LEP). 


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HUD Publishes Guidance on Inventory Management System/PIH Information Center (IMS-PIC) Sub-Module Reporting and Validation

The purpose of the guidance in this notice is to ensure that Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) maintain and submit accurate, timely, and reliable unit designations in the IMS-PIC Development Sub-Module.


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HUD Publishes PIH Notice: 24-02 - Shortfall Grant SF-425 Reporting Requirements

This notice provides clarification, additional information, or correct information to public housing agencies (PHAs) regarding the reporting requirements related to the Federal Financial Report (FFR), also known as the Standard Form (SF-425). 


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HUD Publishes Housing Notice 24-02: Annual Revisions to Base City High Cost Percentage and High Cost Areas Annual Indexing of MAP Guide's Substantial Rehabilitation and Large Loan Risk Mitigation....

On January 22nd, HUD published Housing Notice 2024-02: Annual Revisions to Base City High Cost Percentage and High Cost Areas | Annual Indexing of MAP Guide's Substantial Rehabilitation and Large Loan Risk Mitigation Thresholds


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Participa de las vistas públicas sobre el huracán Fiona y las inundaciones de febrero 2022

Published by the HUD Office of Field Policy and Management: Invitation to participate in public hearings on Hurricane Fiona and the February 2022 floods in Puerto Rico.


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RADBlast! Improving RAD Closing and Post-Closing Processes, Training Resources Available for Relocation, RAD for PRAC Conversions, and Post-Conversion

In this Issue of the RADBlast!: HUD Seeks Feedback on RAD Closing and Post-Closing Processes: Register Today!, New Webinar Posted: Resident Relocation Requirements when Repositioning, PRACtical RAD Webinar Series: Supporting Owners Converting Section 202 PRACs Under RAD
Key Post-Conversion Requirement and Resources, $173 Million Awarded to Support Energy Efficiency and Climate Resilience Across America


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Smith, Wyden Announce Tax Framework that Includes Restoration of 12.5% LIHTC Boost, Temporary Reduction of 50% Financed-By Test to 30%

Jason Smith, R-Missouri, and Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, today announced a bipartisan tax framework that includes restoring the 12.5% increase in annual 9% LIHTC allocation for 2023-2025 and a decrease in the PAB financing threshold for 4% LIHTC from 50% to 30% for 2024-25. The legislation provides a transition rule for buildings that already have bonds issued. 


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NAHMA GRASSROOTS ALERT: Please Urge Congress to Fund HUD and USDA-RHS for FY2024; Increase LIHTC in any Tax Legislation

Please take a moment to email your Members of Congress to ensure affordable housing and rental assistance programs receive critical funding.


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HUD to Publish Notice Changing Calculation of Income Limit Cap; Sets Annual Maximum Increase at 10%

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will publish a notice in Wednesday’s Federal Register setting an absolute annual cap of 10% on income limit increases for housing financed by low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs), private-activity bonds (PABs) and for various HUD programs, including Section 8. 


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