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MURFREESBORO, TN ·   Monday, April 13 - Wednesday, April 15
Embassy Suites Murfreesboro | 1200 Conference Center Blvd, Mursfreesboro, TN 37129
(615) 890-4464
The SAHMA room block at the Embassy Suites Murfreesboro is SOLD OUT.

Area Hotel (No SAHMA room block available)
Hilton Garden Inn Murfreesboro
1335 Conference Center Boulevard
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 37129

Registration fees before March 24th:
SAHMA Member - $309
Non-Member - $409

Registration fees after March 24th:
SAHMA Member - $359
Non-Member - $459
*Registration closes on Tuesday, March 31st

Add-On Fee:
SAHMA Member - $209
Non-Member - $309

Complimentary Parking

Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance that can be used for continuing education purposes

Registration for the Tennessee State Meeting is now closed - for walk-in availability, please call the SAHMA office.

If you need assistance please call the SAHMA office.

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Tennessee State Meeting for Affordable Housing Session Descriptions:

Add-on: Property Management 101 – All You Need to Know
It is hard to be a property manager; it is even harder to do when dealing with all of the affordable housing regulations and requirements. This full day course will focus on some of the basics of how to effectively manage a community, as well as basic affordable housing information and requirements. Come prepared to ask questions and learn from each other as well as hear some best practices regarding being the best manager you can be. You may show up confused, but you will leave confident and excited to go back to your community.

Add-on: Tax Credit 101
This course will explore the LIHTC compliance rules with Karen Graham, CPM, HCCP, SHCM who will put the rules in context with examples and facilitate discussions. You will share best practices and tips to increase efficiency at your property. You will learn; Six Key Requirements for Managing a LIHTC Property, Complete review of the major players and governing documents & project info, Determining maximum incomes, maximum rents and utility allowances, Qualifying Residents & Income Certifications: Determining household composition, processing an application, verifying income and assets, calculating household income & assets, and the full time student rule, and Ongoing Compliance: lease requirements, move ins, recertifications, transfers, special rules for live in care attendants, changes in household composition, layering of programs, file maintenance, and compliance monitoring.

Bedbugs...Education and Prevention
Multifamily housing communities are on the front lines of the bed bug battle. Housing managers and staff have come a long way in managing this pest, but bed bug management can be expensive, frustrating, and time consuming. This informative session will help property managers make decisions about how and where to spend time and money in order to be effective in prevention and management of bed bugs. Dr. Dini Miller and Molly Stedfast will be presenting the results of their research on bed bugs from Virginia Tech’s Dodson Urban Pest Management Lab. Anyone involved in the decision making process around bed bug control in multifamily housing will benefit from attending this presentation.

Building Community
Learn how to “Build Community” in order to create a happy environment for your residents and employees. Let’s develop a sense of “community” or “neighborhood”. Together we can create a plan for your property and your residents. Caring and creativity is the key!

Bullying is defined as the use of force, coercion or intimidation with the purpose of dominating others. Bullying is a shift in power. There are 4 types of bullying: Verbal, Cyber, Physical, and Emotional or Relational. We will discuss the types of bullying as well as the effects of bullying and what you can do to recognize a bully and prevent bullying.

Community Investment Tax Credit
The Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) Program is a tool that may be used to assist in the development and preservation of rental and homeownership units in Tennessee. Financial institutions may obtain tax credit from franchise and excise taxes for investments in eligible affordable housing activities. This session will provide an overview of the CITC Program and how it may be used in the development and preservation of affordable housing opportunities.

Converting Your Property to Smoke-Free Housing
Smoke-Free Housing is the wave of the future. However it is difficult to imagine converting existing affordable housing to a smoke-free environment. This session will discuss the advantages and challenges to converting to smoke-free as well as practical tips for conversion.

Conservation Maintenance
Want to save money, preserve natural resources, and make your property more attractive to potential renters or guests? Our conservation maintenance session will teach you about new green technology as well as repair techniques that keep the environment in mind. Topics will cover; Low wattage lighting alternatives, Repairs that make plumbing fixtures more efficient, and Green products that eliminate the use of harsh cleaning chemicals

Dealing with Mental Illness Issues
Mental Illness is a disease that may influence the way someone acts, behaves, thinks, feels and even how someone may relate to other people. It is a treatable disease. However, the stigma regarding mental illness is very prevalent in our society. Mental Illness does not discriminate. We will be discussing types of mental illness as well as signs and symptoms of mental illness and how to deal with someone that is mentally ill.

Disaster Preparedness
An overview of the typical disasters that may occur in our region of the country and how to proactively be prepared for them. From natural to man-made disasters to everyday events, this session will showcase real-world examples from a company that has been handling these types of disasters since 1977. Our goal with this session is to make you aware of the potential disasters so that you can plan, prepare and then practice returning your business and operations to normal with the least amount of interruptions and at a lower cost.

Is this REALLY here to stay? Even after 4 years, it seems like EIV is as confusing as ever. This session will focus on the New Hire Report and addressing findings as well as a detail review on income discrepancies and how to document and resolve them. We will review real-life scenarios and welcome your personal experiences. Bring your questions and be prepared to feel more comfortable when you leave!

Enhanced Service Coordination
This session will discuss the evolution of the service coordinator program into the next level. The session will discuss the findings of the Lewin Group who did a study for HUD in 2013 as well as a white paper developed by the American Association of Service Coordinators which presented the possibility of using housing as a platform to launch supportive services and health care.

Fair Housing Updates
This session will cover recent developments in fair housing. The topics will include the status of HUD’s focus on disparate impact cases, including the use of criminal background checks and domestic violence. We will also discuss recent cases involving race, familial status and gender, as well as the latest developments in disability discrimination and failure to accommodate cases. Attendees new to the industry and seasoned professionals should all find something useful in this session.

Green Operations & Maintenance
This session will provide guidance on steps that can be taken by both property managers and maintenance supervisors to incorporate sustainable operation methods into property operations and building maintenance so that your property can begin or continue to “go green”. Green is a journey, not a destination.

Handling Residents Complaints
This session will cover Fair Housing Laws and provide methods for responding to tenant complaints and will provide examples for an open discussion.

How to Deliver the Awarded Tax Credit
Your owners have been awarded tax credits and are counting on you to deliver the credits to their investors. This session is an overview of the steps you will take to qualify households and maintain needed documentation for maximum credit delivery. We will also discuss some of the obstacles you may encounter in the process.

How to Prepare for the Community of Quality (COQ) Designation
This will be a hands on session on how to organize and submit an application for your property to become a nationally recognized Community of Quality® (COQ).

Myths & Facts, and Understanding & Avoiding Tax Credit Recapture
This session will cover common Section 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credit recapture events and help you plan and prepare to avoid these events. Topics covered will include common recapture events, recapture exceptions, calculating recapture, and 8823's and reporting noncompliance.

Partnership Roundtable
We invite Owners and Senior Management staff to participate along with representatives from Tennessee's HUD, THDA and US Dept. of Agriculture Rural Development offices. This open discussion will include updates from our regulatory partners as well as an opportunity for questions/answers concerning current events

Personal and Workplace Safety
Join this session to learn important information about working with your local police department and ways that you can network with them to help keep your property a safer community for your residents.

Physical Fitness
This session will focus on community-based partnerships toward physical fitness intervention for residents of housing facilities, particularly the elderly populations. It will expose session participant to the importance of collaboration among community-based organizations, agencies, and academic institutions aimed at improving health and wellness among elderly housing residents via physical fitness regimen. Objectives: 1) provide a brief overview of physical activity and health especially among elderly individuals; 2) discuss approaches to building partnerships; 3) discuss targets for intervention and implantation; and 4) identify strategies for evaluation.

Preparing for a File Audit & Physical Inspection
This session will help property managers understand their role in preparing for various types of compliance audits. Discussion will include guidance, quick tips, tools, and resources for how to best prepare for your next site visit.

Preparing for an MOR, Part 1 & 2
MOR, MOR, wherefore art thou MOR? Never fear, Management Reviews will be back and now is the time to be sure you are ready. In this session we will cover some important ways you can review your files on a regular basis to be sure your files are ALWAYS MOR ready. We will also discuss the basics of file management as it relates to having a successful MOR. This two-part session will include information related to EIV findings and overall preparedness for an MOR.

REAC – Improving Your Control of Results
Are you spending too much time and money getting ready for REAC? Are you not hitting the REAC scoring targets you want to hit? Long time REAC consultant Michael Gantt shares his proven strategy for reducing the cost of REAC preparations while improving the outcome. Expect this session to challenge your common sense and demonstrate that you might need to discard some of your present ideas about REAC and adopt a new approach. It starts with understanding the real purpose of the inspection and how the scoring system works, and ends with setting your own strategy according to cost/benefit analysis, and it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Section 8 and the Negative Affect to PHA’s
Session Description Coming Soon!

Special Claims
You won’t need Pat and Vanna to solve this puzzle. Reveal the letters that help you submit:

S __ E __ __ L __ L __ __ __ S R E __ __ L __ R __ __ __ __ N __ __
__ N __
__ N __ __ __ __ R E N T __ N __ __ __ __ __ __ E S

With Jack Thomas as your game show host, you’ll learn the steps to submitting successful special claims. Come spin the “Wheel of Fortune” to learn your property’s potential.

Successful REAC Appeals
Submitting a REAC appeal is not a wild, subversive act that puts you on a “secret hit list,” and winning a REAC appeal is not an impossible feat. Appeals are a normal part of the process, and REAC welcomes you to submit one. They’ve even published a guide to doing so, and an invitation to submit your appeal before the inspection even occurs if you have reason to believe you need to. Believe it or not, REAC does want your inspection to be fair and reliable, and they offer a special process that allows you to help them make sure it is. Conditions beyond your control? Work in progress? Inspector errors? There’s a way – many ways - to repair the record and adjust your REAC score. The guide published by REAC is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Michael Gantt believes that there’s a potential appeal in almost every inspection, and shares his decade of experience on how to succeed on your next REAC appeal.

Tax Credit Basics
Basic Overview of Program Requirements, What Makes It Different From Other Programs.

Team Management for Maintenance
Designed to promote team building, this session will focus on shared responsibility between the leasing and maintenance teams. Team members will learn how working together helps everyone to succeed while encouraging unity of the entire team and how communication contributes to overall success. This session will cover; Team management/Maintenance, Curb appeal, Team Budget/Inventory Control, Maximum and Minimum Stock Levels, Standardizing Parts, and Ordering Cycles

The Benefits of Resident Service Coordination
Resident service coordinators provide a plethora of benefits to residents, management companies, and building owners. For years, there was only anecdotal evidence supporting this statement. In 2004, through a partnership between the American Association of Service Coordinator and Pangea Foundation, a data system was designed and implemented to standardize the profession, manage a successful program, and demonstrate outcomes. This session will discuss the benefits of resident service coordination based off of 10 years of data collection at over 2,000 properties.

Tips for Preserving Your RD Property
This session is designed to highlight the preservation efforts of the USDA Rural Development for our multifamily developments. The Rural Development portfolio of multifamily properties is getting older and the need for cost effective preservation tools for the owners of these properties is critical. This session will highlight the tools that Rural Development has available and share some recent success rehabilitation efforts that have occurred in Tennessee.

TN Landlord & Tenant Law Updates
Tennessee’s Landlord/Tenant Act with the latest Legislative updates. Plus frequently asked topics such as death of resident and unauthorized guests, and questions from attendees.

Top 10 Audit Findings in Tennessee
Want to know what the most common financial statement findings are and how you can avoid them? Attend this session for an in-depth look at common findings issued by CPAs for HUD, RD, and OMB A-133 financial statements audits.

Understanding the HUD (Financial Statement) Audit Guide
This session will walk you through the Consolidated Audit Guide for HUD Programs (Handbook 2000.04) to help you understand what your CPA will be looking for and how to prepare for your upcoming financial statement audit. We will also cover recent updates to the Guide and other audit-related topics.

Workplace Safety for Maintenance
Workplace injuries can be prevented through basic systems which can be implemented and enforced by the property manager. This session will provide property managers with the tools and tips to improve the safety culture among the company and their individual property. You will learn how injuries occur in the workplace, how they can be prevented and how to investigate an injury if a loss should occur. We will focus on maintenance technician safety, including shop housekeeping and organization, ladder safety, handling heavy materials, moving appliances, make ready hazards, power tools safety and working alone.

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