Volunteers of America Ntl. Housing Corp. | Florence, SC

Ralston G.E.A.C., LLC. | Columbus, GA

Ralston G.E.A.C., LLC. | Columbus, GA

Ralston G.E.A.C., LLC. | Columbus, GA

Company Confidential | Atlanta, GA

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC. | Knoxville, TN

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC. | Greenville, SC

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC. | Chattanooga, TN

Westminster Company | Newberry, SC

Westminster Company | Clemson, SC

Westminster Company | Wilmington, NC

Westminster Company | Wilmington, NC

Monroe Group | Eastern U.S.

Ambling Management Company | St. Petersburg, FL

Ambling Management Company | St. Petersburg, FL

Ambling Management Company | St. Petersburg, FL

Ambling Management Company | East Spencer, NC

Ambling Management Company | East Spencer, NC

Ambling Management Company | Southaven, MS

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC.| Madison, TN

Freeman Webb Company Realtors | Nashville, TN

Freeman Webb Company Realtors | Nashville, TN

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC.| Kingsport, TN

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC.| Maumelle, AR

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC.| Knoxville, TN

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC.| Loveland, OH

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC.| Hot Springs, AR

AMCS, Inc.| Tallahassee, FL

Lawler Wood Housing | Akron, OH

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC.| Cincinnati, OH

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Lawler Wood Housing | Chattanooga, TN

Lawler Wood Housing | Nashville, TN

First Cumberland Properties, Inc | Clarksville, TN

Ralston G.E.A.C., LLC. | Columbus, GA

Lawler Wood Housing | Niagara Falls, NY

Emerald Housing Partners, LLC | Knoxville/Lake City, TN

First Cumberland Properties, Inc. | Nashville, TN

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC | New Orleans, LA

Ambling Management Company | Statesboro, GA

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC | Tonawanda, NY

Alco Management | Madison, TN

Tesco Properties | Louisville, KY

Tesco Properties | Louisville, KY

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC | Loveland, OH

Lawler Wood Housing, LLC | Tulsa, OK

Affordable Housing Mgmt, Inc. | Greensboro, NC

Interstate Realty Mgmt Co. | Montgomery, AL

Lawler Wood Housing | Little Rock, AR

Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa | 3030 Holiday Dr | Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
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Asset Management – Business Plan
Description coming soon!

Capital Needs Forecasting
A session on developing a good capital needs forecast. As the age of our affordable housing portfolios goes up, the need for good capital needs assessments increases dramatically. Every property needs a good inventory and plan; this session will show you the entire process.

Compliance for 2014-2015 Human Resources
This session focuses on the ten most difficult situations that experienced human resource professionals and employers are facing these days. The topics include navigating FMLA, ADA, HIPAA and worker’s compensation (and your worker’s compensation carrier) when an employee is out on worker’s compensation leave, the ever-present problem of comments and conduct of supervisors laced with Title VII implications, and termination of an employee who claims age or disability just as you are preparing to act, among others, as well as any the audience wants to share.

Conflict Resolution: Your Attitude Determines Your Success
This session focuses on how to develop more positive attitudes in the workplace and how to neutralize any negativity that may be lurking in the hearts or minds of your staff. We’ll look at five diseases of negative attitudes and five attitudes that help ease the way to success. You’ll also gain a better understanding of change in the workplace and become change-skilled in handling it.

Fair Housing
Description coming soon!

Grass Roots Advocacy
NAHMA’s President and Executive Director will discuss the NAHMA Grassroots Action Toolkit which includes information on how to advocate, tips on who to contact, legislative terminology and NAHMA’s top legislative priorities.

HUD/SOI – Audit Perspective
The new HUD Sustaining Our Investment initiative and continuing changes to the audit reporting process have changed the review and reporting process for annual financial statements. You will be fully briefed on how statements are evaluated, and what you need to know to respond to issues and questions arising from the annual financial report.

Insurance Review - Reputation Risk
We will concentrate on reputation risk and touch on claims procedures, onsite insurance audits and more

Layered HOME/Tax Credit
Interactive session for property management staff of developments with LIHTC funding combined with HOME.

RAD – Where Are They Now
HUD has significantly surpassed its original goal to receive applications to convert 60,000 public housing units to project based vouchers or project based rental assistance. While the Department continues to work to close on these projects there remains an interest to expand the program. Greg Byrne, HUD, Washington, will give us an update about where we are in the process and offer his insights as to what is next in propelling the program forward.

Rent Comparability Studies
Hear from an industry expert about the best ways to maximize HAP contract rents through the Rent Comparability Study method. From selecting the most appropriate comparables to working with reviewers at the end of the process, this step-by-step guide will leave you with the tools to ask the right questions on your next contract renewal.

Social Media Marketing
How “sharable” is your community? Marketing has evolved beyond brochures and business cards, even for affordable communities. Sure, you may have a Facebook page, and even tweet from time to time, but are you focusing your time, energy and most importantly - money on the right platforms for your community? During this session, we will explore the top 5 social media platforms all apartment communities should be using. Learn how to maximize your community’s exposure, connect with your residents and improve your online story with real world take-a-ways you can implement immediately!

Tax Credit - Advanced Hot Topics
Bringing you up to date with current concerns and non-compliance topics with updates on information from HFAs and the IRS.

Tax Credit - Post Year 15
This session will cover how to evaluate repositioning strategies as owners approach Year 15 and the end of their initial compliance period. Discussion will include the exit of the Limited Partner, deciding benefits/costs of re-syndication, alternative refinancing strategies and much more.

Tax Credit - To Protect and Serve
How to ensure that a compliance department is going to protect you when it counts. This session will be of interest to owners and management of property management companies. For property managers, it discusses how to assess if there are opportunities for improvement in your current operation. For owners, it discusses how to ensure that the property management firm that you work with or are looking to work with has what it takes to ensure compliance with affordable housing programs.

Tenant Selection Plan
Developing tenant selection policies has become something of an art form. Having clear policies and rules that convey owner/agent requirements and expectations go a long way toward making sure that applicants are selected in a compliant and equitable manner. Join us to discuss new HUD requirements and ideas to help make the description of the process more complete.

The Top 10 Things You Should Know About The Affordable Care Act
Know who has to comply, what group sizes, know which of your employees you need to offer coverage to, know how to calculate part-time hours to make sure your employees don’t exceed important limits, know how to avoid the biggest Department of Labor fines.

The release of TRACS 202D provides the industry with much-needed enhancements to the TRACS submission process. Not only did HUD update all TRACS forms, they also improved critical processes such as Gross Rent Changes, Unit Transfers, and voucher submission. We will provide an introduction to the changes in this session.

What to Do When the Unexpected Happens
There are actions that should be taken before, during and after a disaster that are unique to each hazard. We will show examples of the most common and a few not so common disasters for the Southeastern US and review some specific things to plan for along with sharing some critical Do’s & Don’t’ immediately after you experience a disaster.

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2013 Regional Conference & Trade Show



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