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JACKSONVILLE, FL  ·  Monday, August 15 - Wednesday, August 17
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Keynote Address: Everyone is in Sales
Yes, that means you and your organization. Until now, the concept of sales has often been viewed as a job description of a salesperson in your organization. Sales is often viewed as a niche job or limited to a handful of people. No more. This keynote reframes the concept of sales to communications. Yes—(two way) communications with an “s.” Every encounter in business involves communications. This keynote will help attendees understand the importance of all communications (online and offline) and explain why now more than ever… people demand to be communicated with… not communicated at. The keynote will overview the multigenerational and constantly connected world we work in and what it means. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of our rapidly moving and short attention world and what it means to communications in 2016 and beyond. This is a can’t  miss keynote that will add value (no matter your current level of communications ability) and improve your understanding of  communications (sales) no matter what your role is in the organization.

2016 Guidance for Criminal History Screening
This session is the hottest fair housing topic in the housing industry.  This session will explore the disparate impact concerns with criminal history screening in multifamily housing management. As explained in the April 4, 2016 guidance from HUD’s General Counsel, it is essential that owners and management companies of all types of housing develop and administer criminal screening policies that will withstand a Fair Housing Act disparate impact challenge. This session will address the issues that arise from applying appropriate look back periods to the various types of crime involved in an applicant’s criminal record including the time after exit from incarceration.  As with most fair housing issues there is not one correct method of developing a criminal screening policy, and during this session the presenters will explain the potential risks and benefits involved with each type of policy. Bring your questions as this will be a fast paced and highly interesting program.

Advanced Assist Animals
This session is designed to address the multiple issues arising when a resident requests to bring an animal onto a property that prohibits pets or prohibits the size, breed or type of animal requested. This session will recommend procedures and forms most successful for addressing requests for assist animals including a list of the questions a housing provider can and cannot ask to comply with the most recent legal requirements. This session will address how to respond to a resident who produces a service animal registration certificate or verification of need provided by an internet company. Questions will be answered concerning requests for vicious dog breeds, multiple animals, and where on the property assist animals can accompany their owners. Finally, this session will encourage the use and enforcement of assist animal agreements. This will be a fast moving, fully packed educational session that will address all questions concerning assist animals.

Advanced Preservation Tools
Owners of multifamily affordable housing that was financed by HUD and has HUD subsidy are often searching for the most effective and efficient ways to recapitalize and preserve their properties.  This session will detail the most important HUD tools for preservation, including maximizing the Section 8 contract.

Changes to HUDs Financing Protocols (MAP Guide)
HUD has recently issued a revised and updated MAP Guide, which governs the FHA lending programs.  This session will review the MAP changes that are relevant to owners and managers who are interested in refinancing their property with FHA financing, including changes that make it easier for 202 and 236 owners to preserve senior affordable housing.

Green to Extreme
Session description coming soon!

Improving Your Performance and the Company's Performance
With the Baby boomers retiring, and Millennials coming into management, how are you going to revise your performance management system to meet both the needs of the firm and the needs of your staff.  This session will discuss the current literature on performance management and focus on simple to establish systems to make both the staff and owners happy. 

Layered Properties
Session description coming soon!

Life Cycle of a Section 42 Project HFA's, Developers, Investors & Syndicators
This session will focus on the different opportunities and challenges that face HFA's, developers, general partners, syndicators, and investors throughout the life cycle of a section 42 property. Topics discussed include type of property, location of property, sources of financing used, operating and other guarantees provided in the partnership or operating agreements, tax credit adjusters, waterfall calculations, deferred developer fee, capital account maintenance and what happens to the property at the end of year 15.  The presentation will be divided upon the following sections: Planning, Development, Operations, Exit Strategies, and Examples.

Marketing Doesn't Work - Time to Try Something New!
Due to the ever changing needs of today's residents and prospects, traditional marketing strategies are no longer effective. But there's hope!  Based on data from over 1.8 million resident and prospect surveys, we'll show you how to minimize time, money and effort, while getting the word out about your community.  We'll give you the low down on how residents and prospects really feel about social media, resident referrals and online reviews, and help you create an action plan to make the most of every dollar spent.  It's time to work smarter, not harder!

Meet with Your PBCA for a Roundtable Discussion on MORs
Each participating SAHMA PBCA will have a separate room in which they may facilitate a presentation, distribute materials and/or be available to attendees to discuss the restart of PBCA’s going out into the field to perform Management Occupancy Reviews (MORs) for properties in their portfolio.  A perfect way to discuss the process as it has been a long time (in the majority of cases) since this review was performed on your property and by your PBCA.   SAHMA’s strong partnership with our regulatory partners has made this added benefit possible to all registrants of the 2016 Regional Conference.  If you own/manage in more than one state you are welcome to move between rooms to hear from the different PBCAs, but better yet, bring additional team members to learn and network!

Reasonable Accommodations Roundtable
Reasonable accommodation requests can be complex and often the requirements and risks involved with various requests are difficult to assess.  This is your opportunity to bring your questions and concerns for an open discussion with the presenter and the other participants.  While the presenter cannot provide legal advice during this session, she will share her knowledge of the applicable legal requirements and case law, as well as the various practical considerations.

Rent Comparability
Session description coming soon!

This session addresses the issues associated with acquiring existing residential rental real estate for the purpose of rehabilitation and resyndication under the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program.

Rockin' Technology Roundtable
Hear from our technology rock stars.  This session will cover trends in workplace technology tools – using mobile devices, software programs, etc., for your “on the road” staff and Software - what’s on the horizon.

So Your Hired a Lawsuit - Now What?
Not every employee lives up to what they claimed to be when you hired them. What do you do when the employee who you thought was top shelf turns out to be toxic? In this session we will discuss tips for screening and selecting employees to avoid trouble and what to do when it is time to say goodbye.

Tax Credit Compliance Jam Session
This session is an opportunity to hear how some of your colleagues are dealing with tax credit compliance issues and to become part of the discussion about situations/issues that affect tax credit properties on a daily basis. Do you ever wonder how others are handling challenges/opportunities on their TC properties? Wonder no more, bring your questions, concerns and ideas to share in this interactive session.

The Implications of Disparate Impact on Occupancy Policies
This session is developed for an audience of advanced housing professionals who are at the policy creation level of their companies. During the next several years, the 2015 Supreme Court decision allowing disparate impact as a method of proving a Fair Housing Act violation will be employed with vigor by fair housing advocates throughout the country. These lawsuits will challenge existing and long accepted policies, regardless of the intent of the policy, if the policy results in limiting one or more protected categories from housing. The most common policy that needs a fresh disparate impact review is the occupancy standards employed by owners and management companies as there have been many cases where fair housing advocates have successfully challenged the “2 persons per bedroom” standard used widely throughout the housing industry as discriminatory against families with children. During this session occupancy policies will be reviewed and recommendations provided for revisions that will successfully endure a disparate impact challenge.

The Mortgage Runs to 2024, Will the Building Make it to 2054?
Long term capital planning is important to all properties, with the new PCNA rules that HUD has put in place you now have to have realistic long term capital plans.  This session will show you how to design a good capital planning model, share techniques for costing and adjusting it, and linking it to the PCNA requirements. 

The Times They Are A Changin': Updates and Trends in Employment Law
Each year brings changes for employers and 2016 has been no different. In this session we will review how employers have to change how they pay their employees, treat leave issues, and address issues related to a rapidly changing workforce.

Washington Update
NAHMA’s Director of Government Affairs will provide an overview of what is happening in Washington, what issues/concerns NAHMA is currently working on and how it affects our industry.

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